Academic Expenses for First Year Students


Financial Aid

The Augusta University Office of Student Financial Aid helps students secure needed financial aid. Assistance includes loans, limited scholarships and/or part-time employment.

Information and applications for financial aid are provided to all applicants invited to interview. Correspondence regarding financial aid should be sent to:

       Office of Student Financial Aid 
       Augusta University 
      1120 15th Street, AA-2013 
       Augusta, Georgia 30912-7320

To visit their website, click here. You can reach the Office of Student Financial Aid at (706) 737-1524.

Applications for Augusta University funds are separate from applications for DCG scholarships. An applicant does not need to wait for acceptance to Augusta University before applying for aid. It is recommended that financial aid applications material be submitted between January 1 and February 15 prior to the anticipated matriculation date regardless of acceptance status. Applications will be processed according to the date of receipt, so early application, anytime after January 1, is encouraged. Applications completed by March 31 will receive priority consideration. 

Academic Expenses:

Tuition & Fees listed for new students enrolling in the University are listed on the AU Professional Programs Tuition webpage.

The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University requires an acceptance deposit, which will be credited toward first semester matriculation fees. The non-refundable acceptance deposit is $500 for Georgia residents and $1,000 for out-of-state and international students. 

All students at Augusta University are required to carry health insurance, and certification of health insurance is required of each student annually. A student health insurance plan is available through the Augusta University's Student Health Services. You can find plan information by clicking here.

Students can subscribe to this or another plan of their choice as long as the plan obtained outside of Augusta University meets minimal institutional benefit standards. The cost of student health insurance included in the estimated academic expenses listed above is the annual (12-month) cost for a single student. Cost of coverage for spouses and children is higher.

During the off-site clerkship experience, the student may incur some added expenses, depending on the location selected for these experiences. After the fourth-year, most students elect to take one or more state board examinations for licensing purposes. At the time of this writing, the 2023 Central Regional Dental Testing Services, Inc. examination fee is $2,350.

Visit the Business Office webpage for more information by clicking here.


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