Application Information

Please submit your application through the ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS).

  • Up to 10 percent of accepted students will be non-Georgia residents.
  • All applicants are required to complete the “Disadvantaged Status” section of the AADSAS application.


Although the AADSAS application is thorough for general admissions information, there is still necessary information needed by The Dental College of Georgia admissions committee. After the DCG receives an applicant's AADSAS application, all applicants immediately will be emailed a link. The link will prompt applicants to choose if they want the Admissions Committee to review the supplemental component of their application for further evaluation. The supplemental information must be submitted online. Please be prepared to pay a $40 fee by debit/credit card. Your supplemental information will not be processed without payment.

A candidate’s packet is not considered complete until a supplemental application has been submitted and received by the DCG admission office.

If an applicant has submitted a DCG application previously, the applicant can use his/her username and password to retrieve a previous application, make necessary changes to the information before submitting the new supplemental application.

TOEFL scores (if applicable) must also be received in the admissions office for an applicant to be further considered for evaluation.

Any requested information such as transcripts can be sent to the following address.

All letters of recommendation to The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University must be submitted through the AADSAS process. The applicants for the entering class have two options for submitting letters of recommendations. 

Option 1: 
  1. Packet or composite/committee letter (counts as one letter). A committee letter can be one letter that is collaboratively written by a group of people or a collection of letters submitted on behalf of an institution or office.
  2. A dentist (whom you have shadowed)
  3. Personal letter*
  4. Personal letter*

Option 2: 
  1. An academic professional (science instructor, advisor, department chair, etc.)
  2. A dentist (whom you have shadowed)
  3. Personal letter* 
  4. Personal letter*


  • An applicant will not be considered for an interview if all letters of recommendation and all DAT scores have not been submitted through the AADSAS application process.

An applicant who is granted an interview will be asked to bring various documentation to the dental school interview. As proof for the required lawful presence verification, the following is acceptable:

  • A current drivers license or state-issued ID issued by the state of Georgia after January 1, 2008                      
  • A current drivers license or state-issued ID issued by the state of Alabama after August 1, 2000 
  • A Certified Birth Certificate. A photocopy is not acceptable

List of other documents for proof of lawful presence.

Applicants who have a valid permanent resident card will be required to bring it to the DCG Admissions Office during their scheduled interview date to be photocopied by admissions personnel.

Once an applicant has submitted his/her application, the applicant should check their ADEA AADSAS application for status updates. (Do not use the application checklist on Augusta University's Undergraduate Admissions website.)  If you have specific questions, contact us directly.

In order to be considered a resident of the state of Georgia, an applicant must show proof of residing in the state of Georgia for at least 12 consecutive months prior to matriculation. For example, if you are applying to the entering class of 2024 you will need to have been living in the state from the first week of July 2023. The DCG will be accepting up to 10 percent of students from out of state. Applications from non-residents must be highly competitive for serious consideration. If you have questions about whether you qualify as a resident of Georgia or other questions regarding the application, please contact the DCG Admissions Office.

For more information on the Associated American Dental Schools Application Services (AADSAS),
please visit the website of the American Dental Education Association (ADEA).

For more information The Dental College of Georgia admissions processes, please see our other pages:

Interested in applying for the entering 2024 class? The Dental College of Georgia will be accepting all applications through the ADEA Associated American Dental Application Service (AADSAS) from May 30 -September 30, 2023.