Teledermatology in Rural Georgia is a program sponsored by the Georgia Cancer Center and the Department of Dermatology at Augusta University through a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service, Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants Program.

Program Mission

The goal of this program is to reduce health disparities and inequities in skin cancer screening for people living in rural, underserved, and underpopulated regions of the State of Georgia through a two-pronged approach by:

  • Providing remote diagnosis (telemedicine/teledermatology) of skin lesions through the use of MoleScope II™ dermatoscopes by partnering primary care providers practicing at clinics in rural Georgia with expert physicians in AU’s Department of Dermatology.
  • Providing dermatologic and cancer prevention education to healthcare providers as well as to rural communities using distance learning technology.

This dual approach of access to expert dermatologic assessment of suspicious skin lesions and patient and primary healthcare provider education will improve the health of Georgians living in rural, underserved areas, thus helping to fulfill the mission of the Georgia Cancer Center.

Contact Us

Georgia Cancer Center

Health Sciences Campus

Georgia Cancer Center - M. Bert Storey Research Building

(706) 721-0570

MoleScope II

MoleScope II with Phone

A battery-powered dermatoscope that attaches to an iPhone and can capture images with a high degree of magnification and cross-polarized light.

MoleScope II Device

Utilizes DermEngine HIPAA-compliant software to transmit images to a remote smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

MoleScope II Exam

Enables healthcare providers at rural clinics to transmit high-quality images of skin lesions from their patients to our dermatologist experts at Augusta University, who can then provide rapid diagnosis and treatment recommendations back to the healthcare provider and patient.

MoleScope II Layout

Diagram of MoleScope.

Participating Clinics

  • East Georgia Healthcare Center—Wadley 
    257 North Main St.
    Wadley (Jefferson County)
  • East Georgia Healthcare Center—Mount Vernon
    118 E. Broad St.
    Mt. Vernon (Montgomery County)
  • East Georgia Healthcare Center—Soperton
    452 Second St.
    Soperton (Treutlen County)
  • East Georgia Healthcare Center—Baxley
    1636 Hatch Pkwy.
    Baxley (Appling County)
  • East Georgia Healthcare Center—Metter
    34 NW Broad St.
    Metter (Candler County)
  • Evans Health & Wellness Center
    6459 US Highway 301
    Claxton (Evans County)
  • East Georgia Healthcare Center—Sylvania
    121 N. Main St.
    Sylvania (Screven County)
  • Trussell Medical Center
    1212 E Union St.
    Vienna (Dooly County)
  • Lee Medical Arts Center
    235 Walnut Ave S
     Leesburg (Lee County)
  • Dawson Medical Center
    420 Johnson St SE
    Dawson (Terrell County)
  • Baker County Primary Health Care
    327 Sunset Ave SW Ste 3
    Newton (Baker County)
  • Edison Medical Center
    19519 Hartford St.
    Edison (Calhoun County)

Our Teledermatology Team

photo of Dr. Jorge Cortes

Dr. Jorge Cortes

  • Principal Investigator

(706) 721-0570

photo of Dr. Koosh Desai

Dr. Koosh Desai

  • Clinical Liason

(706) 721-2423

photo of Dr. Loretta Davis

Dr. Loretta Davis

  • Dermatology

(706) 721-6228

photo of Dr. Harold Rabinovitz

Dr. Harold Rabinovitz

  • Dermatology

(954) 473-6750

photo of Dr. Kendall Buchanan

Dr. Kendall Buchanan

  • Dermatology

(803) 641-0049

photo of Dr. Douglas Patten

Dr. Douglas Patten

  • Education Director

(229) 343-3016

photo of Dr. Rhea-Beth Markowitz

Dr. Rhea-Beth Markowitz

  • Scientific Coordinator

(706) 721-7916

photo of Dr. Brenda Santellano

Dr. Brenda Santellano

  • Project Manager
photo of Dr. Kenza Mamouni

Dr. Kenza Mamouni

  • Education