Student singing the alma mater at commencement

Alma Mater

We sing our alma mater during commencement, freshman convocation and other events to demonstrate our devotion to Augusta University. Written in 2021 by composer Robert W. Smith, the lyrics highlight our unique and storied history and evoke pride and community for our great university.

Arsenal bell being rung by president Keel.

Arsenal Bell

The Arsenal Bell is rung three times at the beginning and end of every Convocation and Commencement Ceremony. The bell was part of the U.S. Arsenal property acquired by the Junior College of Augusta in 1957. It serves as a resounding celebration of our past, present and future.

Augusta University rings for graduation.

Class Rings

AU's Class Ring includes the iconic shield surrounded by the university’s name and founding year. Elements of the ring pay tribute to the history of Augusta University and allow customizations to celebrate the individuality of each student.

Student with dog on day of service.

Day of Service

Held each year in November, Day of Service is a special day each year when the faculty, staff, students, and families of Augusta University come together to positively impact our community through meaningful service in partnership with a wide variety of community partners across the River Region.

Portion of the history walk.

History Walk on Summerville

Honoring our university’s history, Augusta University's History Walk is a one-mile loop around our beautiful Summerville Campus. A wide brick walkway guides you along historical markers, including the restored arsenal guardhouse, circa 1866, and our gorgeous southern landscape.

Pattern of the offical university tartan

Official University Tartan

At Augusta University, we are creating a legacy together. We celebrate our colors, Augusta Blue and Augusta Grey, in our official tartan as an opportunity to celebrate Augusta University's story. The tartan symbolizes the feeling of pride associated with being a part of the Augusta University community.

President Keel taking selfi with student.

Selfie with the President

One of the unique and endearing qualities of our president, Dr. Brooks A. Keel, is his tech-savviness. Any time you see the president on campus, he is always willing to take a selfie with students, faculty and staff. Check out his latest selfie activity on Twitter @PresKeel.

Jaguar holding penny.

Toss a Penny in the Fountain

During orientation as a sign of good luck and new beginnings, students throw a penny in the fountain at the entrance of the Summerville Campus. When the fountain is drained for cleaning, the money is collected and given to the AU Foundation for student scholarships.

Student wearing jagswag on campus.

Wear JagSwag on Fridays

Fridays are good, but they’re even better when you get to wear your Jag gear. Spirit Fridays give faculty, staff, students and alumni the chance to show their school spirit by wearing their Augusta blue and grey. Get your Jag gear at the RoarStore.



Augusta’s uniqueness shines through the university’s diverse and inclusive community, world-class academics and experiential learning opportunities in computer and cyber sciences, business, art and more. Augusta University is Georgia’s designated center of health and sciences excellence, where groundbreaking research is creating a healthier, stronger Georgia.