Student Affairs provides several methods of communicating information to students. Listed above are the various options available.  Please be aware of the Submission Guidelines and the Submission Deadlines before submitting any information to be communicated.

Submission Guidelines

  • In order to meet posted deadlines, all submissions must be submitted by Noon on Fridays. This deadline allows our office to collect, sort, and format the submissions to be used. Submissions not received by the deadline may not be used.
  • Should there be any questions/concerns regarding a submission, the submitter will be contacted via email. Any concerns must be addressed prior to the Friday submission deadline.
  • All student organization events, activities, and fundraisers must be approved through Student Life & Engagement (via Jag Life) before they can be advertised/promoted.
  • Student Affairs will not advertise events or activities intended for faculty or staff. These resources are intended for the benefit of the students. Persons wanting to promote or advertise to faculty/staff may contact the Division for Communications & Marketing.
  • Due to space limitations, any announcements that are submitted will only be posted for up to two consecutive weeks.
  • To ensure that your submission is considered in a timely manner, please do not submit information more than one month in advance.

General Submission Deadlines

Stall Wall Listings
Stall Wall Listings are posted every Friday afternoon (excluding academic holidays and summer) and remain posted until the following Friday. All information must be submitted by Noon the Friday before posting.  For example:  To be posted during the week of August 15-22, the information must be submitted by Noon on August 8.

Featured Stall Wall / Teardrops
The Featured Stall Wall & teardrop schedules are planned a semester in advance by Student Life & Engagement. However, there are sometimes openings in the schedule. Therefore, if you are interested in these features, email to request further information.