Recognized for infusing their classrooms with forward-thinking concepts, our faculty members are shaping the next generation of leaders.

photo of Dr. Seth Oppenheimer
Dr. Seth Oppenheimer

Department Chair / Professor
photo of Dr. Christopher A. Terry
Dr. Christopher A. Terry

Assistant Chair/ Assistant Professor 
photo of Wafa Y. Abed
Wafa Y. Abed

photo of Dr. Thir Dangal
Dr. Thir Dangal

Assistant Professor
photo of Dr. Atanaska Dobreva
Dr. Atanaska Dobreva

Assistant Professor
photo of Dr. Mark A. Freitag
Dr. Mark A. Freitag

Associate Professor
photo of Dr. Jia He
Dr. Jia He

Assistant Professor
photo of Dr. Deltrye Eagle Holt
Dr. Deltrye Eagle Holt

Assistant Professor
photo of Dr. Durga Kutal
Dr. Durga Kutal

Assistant Professor
photo of Dr. Brooke J. McGuire
Dr. Brooke J. McGuire

photo of Dr. Eric Numfor
Dr. Eric Numfor

Associate Professor
photo of Dr. Olusegun Otunuga
Dr. Olusegun Otunuga

Assistant Professor
photo of Nickie Reich
Nickie Reich

photo of Dr. Sankar Sethuraman
Dr. Sankar Sethuraman

photo of Dr. Neal O. Smith
Dr. Neal O. Smith

Associate Professor
photo of Dr. Dharma Thiruvaiyaru
Dr. Dharma Thiruvaiyaru

Associate Professor 
photo of Dr. Anastasia Wilson
Dr. Anastasia Wilson

Associate Professor
photo of Dr. He Yang
Dr. He Yang

Associate Professor

Emeritus Faculty

 Dr. Bruce Landman

Professor Emeritus
Dr. Sam Robinson

Professor Emeritus
Dr. Fred Maynard

Professor Emeritus, Former Department Chair
Dr. Edward Pettit

Professor Emeritus, Former Department Chair, Former Associate Dean of Augusta State University College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Gerald Thompson

Professor Emeritus

Part-Time Faculty

photo of Mr. Anthony Cummings
Mr. Anthony Cummings

Part-time Instructor

Joint Appointment Faculty

photo of Dr. Arni Rao
Dr. Arni Rao




photo of John Talman
John Talman

Administrative Assistant

Graduate Students

photo of Rachel Ellman
Rachel Ellman

Fall 2021 cohort
photo of Frederick Jones
Frederick Jones

Fall 2021 cohort
photo of Hannah Shead
Hannah Shead

Fall 2021 cohort

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