Policy Statement

The Augusta University IRB Office established fees to help fund services provided by the IRB, including study review, education initiatives, and compliance monitoring activities. Currently, the IRB Office charges fees for industry-sponsored research, whereas Augusta University is the Single IRB for external federally funded sites conducting non-exempt human subject research.

Internal IRB Fee Structure - Industry Sponsored Fees

Submission Type Fee
Convened (full review) IRB Initial Review of Protocol $     3,000
Convened (full review) IRB Review of Each Protocol Amendments/Modifications $        750
Convened (full review) IRB Review of Each Continuing Review $    1,000

**Note:  At present, there will be no charge for: 

  • Emergency Use of an Investigational Drug or Biologic (http://www.fda.gov/RegulatoryInformation/Guidances/ucm126491.htm)
  • Treatment Use of Investigational Drugs (https://www.fda.gov/media/162793/download)
  • Humanitarian Use Device (A HUD is a device that is intended to benefit patients in the treatment and diagnosis of diseases or conditions that affect or is manifested in fewer than 4,000 individuals in the United States per year)
  • Studies in the follow-up, data analysis 
  • Federal
  • Non-profit foundations
  • Investigator-funded studies

Relying on External IRBs (Commercial or Institutional)-Non-Federal Funded Grants

Submission Type Fee
Administrative Review of External IRB $      2,500

External sIRB Fee Structure

Submission Type Fee
Initial Convened (full review) AU as sIRB, (per site) $    3,000
Convened (full review) IRB Review of Each Continuing Review (per site) $    1,000
Change in PI (per site) $      625
Change in Study Team Members (per site) $    150 per member
Change in Consent (per site) $     650 per consent
Change in Protocol (per site) $      650

** The new fee schedule is in line with the median and average rates across peer institutions.