We've complied a list of online media that might be helpful to our students. Some of the items offer explicit feminist analysis, while others offer opportunities for your feminist analysis and response.

Be sure to examine the media critically and consider the possibilities and limitations associated with the films' treatment of its subject.

The videos listed are available for free, legal streaming online. You do not need a GALILEO password to access these.


If you have any suggestions, you can submit a link to us or you can also report any problems to wgst@augusta.edu.

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Alice Dreger: Is anatomy destiny?

TED Talks • TED Northwestern U • 2010 • 19 minutes

"Alice Dreger works with people at the edge of anatomy, such as conjoined twins and intersexed people. In her observation, it's often a fuzzy line between male and female, among other anatomical distinctions. Which brings up a huge question: Why do we let our anatomy determine our fate?" - TED.com

Categories: Biology, History, Intersex, Sex & Gender

Are You Still a Sl ave? Liberating the Black Female Body

LiveStream.com • The New School • 2014 • 114 minutes

"Join bell hooks and other leading voices in black feminism and the LGBTQ community: author Marci Blackman (Tradition), film director Shola Lynch (Free Angela and All Political Prisoners), and author and activist Janet Mock (Redefining Realness), in conversation about liberating the black female body." - LiveStream.com

Categories: African American/Black, Black Women, Body Image, Feminism, LGBTQ, Media, Objectification, Sex, Sex & Gender, Sex Education, Sexuality, Trans*, Transgender, Womanism, Women in the Media, Women of Color


Black Female Voices: bell hooks & Melissa Harris-Perry

LiveStream.com • The New School • 2013 • 95 minutes

"Join bell hooks and Melissa Harris-Perry in a conversation about race, black womanhood, politics, media, and love." - LiveStream.com

Categories: African American/Black, Black Women, Feminism, Love, Media, Politics, Race, Racism, Relationships, Womanism, Women in the Media, Women of Color

Brené Brown: Listening to shame

TED Talks • TED 2012 • 2012 • 21 minutes

"Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behavior. Brené Brown, whose earlier talk on vulnerability became a viral hit, explores what can happen when people confront their shame head-on. Her own humor, humanity and vulnerability shine through every word." - TED.com

Categories: Psychology, Self Care, Sociology, Women's Health


Courtney Martin: This isn't her mother's feminism

TED Talks • TED Women 2010 • 2011 • 12 minutes

"Blogger Courtney Martin examines the perennially loaded word 'feminism' in this personal and heartfelt talk. She talks through the three essential paradoxes of her generation's quest to define the term for themselves."

Categories: Activism, Feminism


Eve Ensler: Embrace your inner girl

TED Talks • TED India 2009 • 2010 • 20 minutes

"In this passionate talk, Eve Ensler declares that there is a girl cell in us all -- a cell that we have all been taught to suppress. She tells heartfelt stories of girls around the world who have overcome shocking adversity and violence to reveal the astonishing strength of being a girl." - TED.com

Categories: Feminism, Patriarchy, Sexism

Eve Ensler: Happiness in body and soul

TED Talks • TED 2004 • 2006 • 21 minutes

"Eve Ensler, creator of 'The Vagina Monologues,' shares how a discussion about menopause with her friends led to talking about all sorts of sexual acts onstage, waging a global campaign to end violence toward women and finding her own happiness." - TED.com

Categories: Activism, Literature, Sex, Violence against Women


The Feminine Mystique at 50

LiveStream.com • The New School • 2013 • 3 videos

Beyond the Book: Reverberations of Women's Liberation (83 minutes)

REACT: The Feminine Mystique at 50 (46 minutes)

The Feminine Mystique: Past, Present, Future (82 minutes)

"This symposium marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Betty Friedan’s groundbreaking book The Feminine Mystique. Friedan, a union activist and journalist, transformed the national conversation about the role of women in American society with her book, leading to the creation of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in 1965. This event features presentations and inter-generational dialogues about feminism’s past and present, particularly responses to and the continuing relevance of The Feminine Mystique." - LiveStream.com

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Gender Relations, Gender Roles, Sex, Sex & Gender, Wage Gap, Women and Education, Women in Business, Women in the Workplace, Women's Health, Women's Rights


Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat

TED Talks • TED 2006 • 2006 • 24 minutes

"Anthropologist Helen Fisher takes on a tricky topic – love – and explains its evolution, its biochemical foundations and its social importance. She closes with a warning about the potential disaster inherent in antidepressant abuse." - TED.com

Categories: Anthropology, Biology, Gender Relations, History, Love, Sex, Sex & Gender

Hip-Hop: Race, Politics, and Hyper-Masculinity

"'Hip-Hop: Race, Politics and Hyper-Masculinity' will explore deeper conversations of homo-eroticism, violence, objectivity of women and racial indifference throughout the hip-hop community. [...] The panel will consist of educators, musicians, journalists and pop culture aficionados including Anthony Gaskins, Jozen Cummings, LastO, Mic Sean, Jen Johnson, Brad Wete, Roy Paul, and Sowmaya Krishanamurthy, Shawn Setaro, and The New School's Top Hip-Hop Head." - LiveStream.com

Categories: Activism, African American/Black, Discrimination, Latin@, LGBTQ, Masculinity, Men in the Media, Media, Media Representation, Objectification, Politics, Pop Culture, Race, Racism, Women of Color, Women in the Media

How Do We Define Feminist Liberation?

LiveStream.com • The New School • 2014 • 115 minutes

"Join bell hooks in conversation with R&B singer Lisa Fischer (20 Feet from Stardom) and actress Kim Sykes (Pariah) about celebrating black female power." - LiveStream.com

Categories: African American/Black, Black Women, Body Image, Feminism, Media, Pop Culture, Race, Racism, Womanism, Women in the Media, Women of Color

"How young women of Islam all over the world are defying stereotypes, finding their voices, and expressing their strength. Layla Shaikley, Researcher, MIT Mahnaz Rezaie, Afghan Filmmaker and Photographer Ibtihaj Muhammad, Fencer, USA National Team, Sports Ambassador, U.S. Department of State MODERATED BY: Zainab Salbi, Co-Creator and Executive Producer, Awakening" - LiveStream.com

Categories: Activism, Afghanistan, African American/Black, Arab American, Arab Women, Asia, Black Women, Discrimination, Fashion, Human Rights, Islam, Media, Media Representation, Middle East, Race, Racism, Religion, Stereotypes, Women in Business, Women of Color, Women and Education, Women in the Media, Women and Religion, Women in Sports

How Islam made me a feminist: Zena Agha

TEDx Talks • TED Warwick Salon (Women) • 2013 • 15 minutes

"At 17 Zena was the youngest member of Operation Black Vote's MP Shadowing Scheme, campaigning for a boycott of Israeli Settlement foodstuffs in Westminster as well as Deputy Member of Youth Parliament. Part of her extensive community work includes running poetry workshops, and she was shortlisted for the London Mayor's Young Person Peace Prize. Zena founded and co-ordinates Warwick University's biggest spoken word collective 'Shoot from the Lip' - running poetry slam nights and was awarded funding from the Lord Rootes Memorial Fund. Media credits include BBC Arabic and the BBC World Service and she created and produced Operation Black Vote's Power of Poetry project." - TED.com

Categories: Europe, Feminism, Islam, Motherhood, Religion, United Kingdom, Women of Color, Women and Religion, Women's Rights


iO Tillett Wright: Fifty shades of gay

TED Talks • TED Women 2012 • 2013 • 19 minutes

"Artist iO Tillett Wright has photographed 2,000 people who consider themselves somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum and asked many of them: Can you assign a percentage to how gay or straight you are? Most people, it turns out, consider themselves to exist in the gray areas of sexuality, not 100% gay or straight. Which presents a real problem when it comes to discrimination: Where do you draw the line?" - TED.com

Categories: Art, Discrimination, Homophobia, LGBTQ, Sex, Sex & Gender

Isabel Allende: Tales of passion

TED Talks • TED 2007 • 2008 • 18 minutes

"Author and activist Isabel Allende discusses women, creativity, the definition of feminism -- and, of course, passion -- in this talk." - TED.com

Categories: Art, Feminism, Latin@, Women of Color, Writing


Jackson Katz: Violence against women—it's a men's issue

TED Talks • TED Women • 2013 • 18 minutes

"Domestic violence and sexual abuse are often called 'women’s issues.' But in this bold, blunt talk, Jackson Katz points out that these are intrinsically men’s issues -- and shows how these violent behaviors are tied to definitions of manhood. A clarion call for us all -- women and men -- to call out unacceptable behavior and be leaders of change." - TED.com

Categories: Abuse, Domestic Violence, Masculinity, Patriarchy, Rape, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Assault, Violence against Women

Johanna Blakley: Social media and the end of gender

TED Talks • TED Women 2010 • 2011 • 9 minutes

"Media and advertising companies still use the same old demographics to understand audiences, but they're becoming increasingly harder to track online, says media researcher Johanna Blakley. As social media outgrows traditional media, and women users outnumber men, Blakley explains what changes are in store for the future of media." - TED.com

Categories: Media, Popular Culture, Sex & Gender


Kavita Ramdas: Radical women, embracing tradition

TED Talks • TED India 2009 • 2010 • 19 minutes

"Investing in women can unlock infinite potential around the globe. But how can women walk the line between Western-style empowerment and traditional culture? Kavita Ramdas of the Global Fund for Women talks about three encounters with powerful women who fight to make the world better -- while preserving the traditions that sustain them." - TED.com

Categories: Asia, India, Women of Color, Women's Rights, World Culture


LZ Granderson: The myth of the gay agenda

TED Talks • TED Grand Rapids • 2012 • 18 minutes

"In a humorous talk with an urgent message, LZ Granderson points out the absurdity in the idea that there's a 'gay lifestyle,' much less a 'gay agenda.'" - TED.com

Categories: Discrimination, Homophobia, LGBTQ, LGBTQ Rights, Masculinity


Madeleine Albright: On Being a Woman and a Diplomat

TED Talks • TED Women 2010 • 2011 • 13 minutes

"Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright talks bluntly about politics and diplomacy, making the case that women's issues deserve a place at the center of foreign policy. Far from being a 'soft' issue, she says, women's issues are often the very hardest ones, dealing directly with life and death. A frank and funny Q&A with Pat Mitchell from the Paley Center."

Categories: Foreign Policy, Patriarchy, Women in Politics, Women's Rights

McKenna Pope: Want to be an activist? Start with your toys

TED Talks • TED Youth 2013 • 2013 • 6 minutes

"McKenna Pope's younger brother loved to cook, but he worried about using an Easy-Bake Oven — because it was a toy for girls. So at age 13, Pope started an online petition for the American toy company Hasbro to change the pink-and-purple color scheme on the classic toy and incorporate boys into its TV marketing. In a heartening talk, Pope makes the case for gender-neutral toys and gives a rousing call to action to all kids who feel powerless." - TED.com

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Gender Roles, Masculinity


Nellie McKay: "Mother of Pearl," "If I Had You"

TED Talks • TED 2008 • 2008 • 6 minutes

"The wonderful Nellie McKay sings 'Mother of Pearl' (with the immortal first line 'Feminists don't have a sense of humor') and 'If I Had You' from her sparkling set at TED2008." - TED.com

Categories: Feminism, Humor, Music, Women's Rights


Opium Brides

PBS Frontline • 2012 • 33 minutes

"Najibullah Quraishi journeys deep into the Afghan countryside to reveal the deadly bargain local farm families have been forced to make with drug smugglers in order to survive." - PBS.org

Categories: Abuse, Afghanistan, Arranged Marriage, Asia, Child Abuse, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, Middle East, Poverty, Sexual Assault, Slavery, Substance Abuse, Women of Color, Women's Rights

Outlawed in Pakistan

PBS Frontline • 2013 • 54 minutes

"In Pakistan, women and girls who allege rape are often more strongly condemned than their alleged rapists. Some are even killed by their own families. For this unforgettable documentary, filmmakers Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann spent years tracing one alleged rape victim's odyssey through Pakistan's flawed justice system -- as well as her alleged rapists’ quest to clear their names." - PBS.org

Categories: Asia, Criminal Justice, Law, Pakistan, Patriarchy, Rape, Sexual Assault, Violence against Women, Women of Color, Women's Rights


Passionate Present: Protecting Black Girlhood

LiveStream.com • The New School • 2014 • 104 minutes

"Join bell hooks and Salamishah Tillet, Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania and co-founder of A Long Walk Home, Inc., in a conversation addressing the welfare of black girls and their continued devaluation." - LiveStream.com

Categories: African American/Black, Body Image, Child Abuse, Feminism, Media, Media Representation, Pop Culture, Race, Racism, Violence against Women, Womanism, Women of Color

Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?

TED Talks • TED 2011 • 2011 • 5 minutes

"Psychologist Philip Zimbardo asks, 'Why are boys struggling?' He shares some stats (lower graduation rates, greater worries about intimacy and relationships) and suggests a few reasons -- and challenges the TED community to think about solutions."

Categories: Gender Relations, Masculinity, Psychology, Sex


The Queen of Sheba (In Search of Myths & Heroes)

PBS • 2005 • 60 minutes

“This program marks the beginning of Michael Wood’s quest as he ventures into the world of an exotic and mysterious woman of power. Immortalized in the Hebrew Bible, the Muslim Koran, and in many Christian traditions, the tale of the queen's journey to meet King Solomon has been told and retold for nearly 3,000 years. Wood's fascinating voyage starts on Easter night in Jerusalem, taking him around the Red Sea to Egypt, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, and to the lost world of Axum. He discovers the legend has been told with variant detail: in Africa, she is black—and a woman of power; in Arabia, she's half-woman, half-demon. 'But the tale of her transformations—from exotic and mysterious alien to eternal female; from fantasy mother and lover to cloven-footed demon,' Woods notes, 'is a parable of so many women of power throughout history.'" — PBS.org

Categories: Africa, Asia, Christianity, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, History, Islam, Jerusalem, Judaism, Literature, Middle East, Mythology, Religion, Saudi Arabia, Women in Politics, Women of Color, Women's History


Rape in the Fields

PBS Frontline • 2013 • 55 minutes

"FRONTLINE and Univision partner to tell the story of the hidden price many migrant women working in America’s fields and packing plants pay to stay employed and provide for their families. This investigation is the result of a yearlong reporting effort by veteran FRONTLINE correspondent Lowell Bergman, the Investigative Reporting Program at UC Berkeley, and the Center for Investigative Reporting." - PBS.org

Categories: Immigration, Latin@, Mexican Americans, Mexico, Migrant Workers, Rape, Sexual Assault, Violence against Women, Women of Color, Women's Rights


Sheryl Sandberg: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

TED Talks • TED Women 2010 • 2010 • 15 minutes

"Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions -- and offers 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite." - TED.com

Categories: Discrimination, Glass Ceiling, Women Leaders, Women in the Workplace

Sheryl WuDunn: Our century's greatest injustice

TED Talks • TED Global 2010 • 2010 • 19 minutes

"Sheryl WuDunn's book 'Half the Sky' investigates the oppression of women globally. Her stories shock. Only when women in developing countries have equal access to education and economic opportunity will we be using all our human resources." - TED.com

Categories: Africa, Asia, China, Discrimination, Education, Ethiopia, Gender Relations, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, India, Poverty, Women and Education, Women of Color, Women's Health, Women's Rights

Shirin Neshat: Art in exile

TED Talks • TED Women 2010 • 2011 • 11 minutes

"Iranian-born artist Shirin Neshat explores the paradox of being an artist in exile: a voice for her people, but unable to go home. In her work, she explores Iran pre- and post-Islamic Revolution, tracing political and societal change through powerful images of women." - TED.com

Categories: Art, Iran, Islam, Middle East, Politics, Religion

Stella Young: I'm not your inspiration, thank you very much

TED Talks • TED Sydney • 2014 • 10 minutes

"Stella Young is a comedian and journalist who happens to go about her day in a wheelchair — a fact that doesn’t, she’d like to make clear, automatically turn her into a noble inspiration to all humanity. In this very funny talk, Young breaks down society's habit of turning disabled people into "inspiration porn.'" - TED.com

Categories: Disability, Objectification

Sunitha Krishnan: The fight against sex slavery

TED Talks • TED India 2009 • 2009 • 13 minutes

"Sunitha Krishnan has dedicated her life to rescuing women and children from sex slavery, a multi-million-dollar global market. In this courageous talk, she tells three powerful stories, as well as her own, and calls for a more humane approach to helping these young victims rebuild their lives." - TED.com

Categories: Asia, Child Abuse, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, India, Prostitution, Rape, Sex Work, Sexual Assault, Slavery, Women of Color


Tavi Gevinson: A Teen Just Trying to Figure it Out

TED Talks • TED Teen • 2012 • 8 minutes

"Fifteen-year-old Tavi Gevinson had a hard time finding strong female, teenage role models -- so she built a space where they could find each other. At TED Teen, she illustrates how the conversations on sites like Rookie, her wildly popular web magazine for and by teen girls, are putting a new, unapologetically uncertain and richly complex face on modern feminism." - TED.com

Categories: Activism, Feminism, Media, Popular Culture, Social Media, Teens, Women in the Media

Tony Porter: A call to men

TED Talks • TED Women 2010 • 2010 • 12 minutes

"At TEDWomen, Tony Porter makes a call to men everywhere: Don't 'act like a man.' Telling powerful stories from his own life, he shows how this mentality, drummed into so many men and boys, can lead men to disrespect, mistreat and abuse women and each other. His solution: Break free of the 'man box.'" - TED.com

Categories: Abuse, Consent, Masculinity, Rape, Rape Culture, Sex & Gender, Sexual Assault, Violence against Women


We should all be feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

TED Talks • TED Euston • 2013 • 31 minutes

"Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie a renowned Nigerian novelist was born in Nigeria in 1977. She grew up in the university town of Nsukka, Enugu State where she attended primary and secondary schools, and briefly studied Medicine and Pharmacy. She then moved to the United States to attend college, graduating summa cum laude from Eastern Connecticut State University with a major in Communication and a minor in Political Science. She holds a Masters degree in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins and a Masters degree in African Studies from Yale University. She was a 2005-2006 Hodder Fellow at Princeton, where she taught introductory fiction. Chimamanda is the author of Half of a Yellow Sun, which won the 2007 Orange Prize For Fiction; and Purple Hibiscus, which won the 2005 Best First Book Commonwealth Writers' Prize and the 2004 Debut Fiction Hurston/Wright Legacy Award. In 2009, her collection of short stories, The Thing around Your Neck was published. She was named one of the twenty most important fiction writers today under 40 years old by The New Yorker and was recently the guest speaker at the 2012 annual commonwealth lecture. She featured in the April 2012 edition of Time Magazine, celebrated as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World. She currently divides her time between the United States and Nigeria." - TED.com

Categories: Africa, Feminism, Human Rights, Literature, Nigeria, Womanism, Women of Color, Women's Rights


Yoruba Richen: What the gay rights movement learned from the civil rights movement

TED Talks • TED 2014 • 2014 • 18 minutes

"As a member of both the African American and LGBT communities, filmmaker Yoruba Richen is fascinated with the overlaps and tensions between the gay rights and the civil rights movements. She explores how the two struggles intertwine and propel each other forward — and, in an un-missable argument, she dispels a myth about their points of conflict. A powerful reminder that we all have a stake in equality." - TED.com

Categories: Activism, African American/Black, American History, History, Human Rights, LGBTQ, Race, Racism, Women of Color


Zainab Salbi: Women, Wartime, and the Dream of Peace

TED Talks • TED Global 2010 • 2010 • 18 minutes

"In war we often see only the frontline stories of soldiers and combat. AT TED Global 2010, Zainab Salbi tells powerful "backline" stories of women who keep everyday life going during conflicts, and calls for women to have a place at the negotiating table once fighting is over." - TED.com

Categories: Activism, War, Warfare, Women and Peace

Ziauddin Yousafzai: My daughter, Malala

TED Talks • TED 2014 • 2014 • 17 minutes

"Pakistani educator Ziauddin Yousafzai reminds the world of a simple truth that many don’t want to hear: Women and men deserve equal opportunities for education, autonomy, an independent identity. He tells stories from his own life and the life of his daughter, Malala, who was shot by the Taliban in 2012 simply for daring to go to school. 'Why is my daughter so strong?' Yousafzai asks. 'Because I didn’t clip her wings.'" - TED.com

Categories: Asia, Education, Motherhood, Pakistan, Parenthood, Patriarchy, South Asia, Women and Education, Women's Rights