During each academic year, the Department of Political Science and the MPA Program support a limited number of graduate assistantships.

The position provides a tuition waiver and a stipend based on the hours worked by the graduate assistant. Students are responsible for university fees. Only students who are enrolled as full-time students (at least 9 credit hours) with no academic restrictions will be considered for an assistantship. The assistantships are awarded based on the following criteria:

  • Student's past academic performance
  • Student's skills, abilities, and qualifications
  • Student's past work experience
  • Letters of recommendation
  • The needs of the program and its faculty

Application Deadlines 

  • For Fall: April 15
  • For Spring: October 15

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Application Process

Students interested in obtaining an assistantship should notify the MPA Director when they submit their application for admission to the program.

To be considered for an assistantship for the fall semester, students need to complete their application for admission by April 15th, and for the spring semester, by October 15th. If there is a need for an assistantship to be filled, the MPA Director can waive this requirement. The MPA Admissions Committee will select the graduate assistants from the pool of qualified applicants.

Graduate assistants will be assigned to individual faculty to assist with research projects and class-related duties. Graduate assistants are expected to work 10 hours each week. Graduate assistants are responsible for keeping track of the hours they work each week, and they need to report the hours that they work in a timely manner. When accepting a graduate assistantship, students should be aware that they are making a commitment to work in the program for the semester stipulated in the terms of employment. Students who resign their assistantship during their semester of employment and/or withdraw from their classes will be expected to pay a portion or all of their tuition for that semester.

There are other assistantships available on campus in administrative departments, which are open to MPA students enrolled in at least 9 credit hours. Information about these is available through Career Services.

Once the selections are made, the MPA Director will complete the proper paperwork to submit to the Graduate School for final approval and match the selected students to faculty supervisors based on: 

  • The student's abilities and interests
  • Identified faculty needs

If you are interested in applying for graduate assistantships, please send your resume to Dr. Meares.

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