Our Augusta University Master of Public Administration (AU MPA) program seeks to promote the values of integrity, public service, democratic values, professionalism, diversity, and equity.

Our leadership and faculty believe strongly that transparency is crucial in ensuring that these values are advanced in public service. In order to practice transparency, our program shares key governing documents, detailing our policies and procedures, key measures of performance, and plans to continue to improve the quality of the AU MPA.

Diversity Plan

Public affairs programs should strongly advocate for diversity and inclusion in public service. The Augusta University Master of Public Administration (AU MPA) program views promoting diversity in public institutions as an important goal of public affairs education. The importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity is stressed in our program’s mission statement and implemented through our program’s diversity plan.

NASPAA Accreditation

The AU MPA is accredited through the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), which is the global standard in public service education. This accreditation demonstrates that experts in public administration scholarship and practice have reviewed our program and determined that it meets standards of excellent. To learn more about what we report to NASPAA, I encourage you to review a detailed self-study report from our 2021 successful reaccreditation cycle.

MPA Policy Manual

The AU MPA leadership and faculty maintain a manual of the program’s policies and practices. The MPA Policy Manual is the program’s main governing document. We encourage all faculty, students, and stakeholders to be familiar with the manual.