workers collaboratingThe MPA Community Advisory Board is established as a consultative body that lends expertise to the degree program, and it will serve as an advisory panel on the program’s policies and operations.

The Community Advisory Board interacts with the MPA Director, the Chair of the Department of Social Sciences, the Dean of the Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, and other campus officials in its advisory and consultative role.

Community Advisory Board assists the MPA program in fulfilling its mission statement by:

  • Designing a curriculum that will help the program and its graduates meet regional needs for professionals in the discipline
  • Locating appropriate internship and applied research opportunities
  • Promoting the program
  • Providing practitioner insight
  • Evaluating program performance

Notable Members

The board consists of several members of the community who work in public and non-profit sectors. Some of our notable members are:

Chief Patrick Clayton (MPA Alumnus)

  • Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff’s Office

John Waller (Retd. Colonel - MPA Alumnus)

  • City Administrator, Thompson, GA

Carmen Landy (MPA Alumna)

  • CEO, Helping Hands

Tammy G. Shepherd

  • Independent Non-Profit Professional

Dr. Christopher McKinney

  • Associate Vice President, Research, Innovation Commercialization, Augusta University

Todd Glover (MPA Alumnus)

  • Executive Director, Municipal Association of South Carolina

Stuart T. Bedenbaugh

  • City Manager, City of Aiken

Brian Sanders

  • Assistant County Administrator, Aiken County

Ashley Jacobs

  • Independent Government Professional