The World Languages Placement exams are administered by the Department of English and World Languages at Augusta University.

Heritage or native speakers and students who have taken the language in high school should take the placement exam. Students with any college credit for a world language may NOT take the placement exam; those students will take the next course in the language sequence. Test takers must be current students or applicants registered for Orientation to take the placement exam.


To register for the free exam, please email us for D2L access at or call our office at 706-737-1500.

Depending on your exam performance, you may be placed into a 1002, 2001, 2002, or upper-division course. To earn credit for the prior courses, you must first take the course you place into. For example, if you place into 2002 and complete that course with a C or better, you can received credit for 1001, 1002, 2001 AND 2002.

Once you have completed your assigned course, you will complete the placement exam credit form (second page of the guidelines), pay a fee of $5 per credit hour earned ($15 for a 3-credit course), and your credit will be applied to your transcript.


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