How many additional hours does a 3-credit or studio Art class involve weekly?

In order to meet NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design) standards, additional hours must be dedicated to these courses to ensure enough time for: various technical demonstrations, in-class critiques, and also time for in-class lab work. All Studio art classes meet twice a week for a total of five hours per week (2 1/2 hours per class). Additionally, it is normal to dedicate at least 5 extra hours per week outside of the class period working on your projects. This is also the standard ratio of in-class/out-of-class time you will spend a week if you enroll into one of our internships or Study Abroad/Study Away courses. All Art History classes meet twice a week for a total of 3 hours a week. (Please see syllabus for your course for a better understanding of time requirements and expectations.)

What's the difference between a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Minor?

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Art (General Track)- The major in art under the Bachelor of Arts degree follow established guidelines for treating art as a subject within the framework of liberal arts. It is recommended for the student whose interest in art is more general. (Students interested in the professional degree should read the requirements for a Bachelor of Fine Arts.)

Bachelor of Fine Arts with a Major in Art (General Track)- The Bachelor of Fine Arts program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in art. This track should be selected by students who plan to pursue graduate degrees in art.

Art Minor- A minor is a secondary area of interest that often complements a major. Although not a degree requirement of the college, a minor allows students to group some related electives together in a meaningful way. We offer a Minor in Art and a Minor in Museum Studies. (Please see the track sheets for class requirements.)

Will I have to supply my own materials for Art courses?

For each art class you sign up for, you will be required to pay a $100.00 student fee. Instructors will use this money to purchase specific supplies for you for certain projects/assignments, but there may be some instances in which you will be asked to supply your own materials. Lab fees are also used to keep standard studio-based materials on hand for ongoing student use.

How do I register for a course?

This can be done online through "Pounce" on the website, or in the Registrar's Office. Unfortunately, we do not have behind-the-scenes access to those screens in the office so this is not something we can do.

How do I get permission for "permission only courses"?

All "2000" level and above art courses that are "permission only" are upper level courses for Art Majors/Minors only. To gain permission for these courses, if you've had the pre-requisites for that course, you can call or come to the office to be advised to gain the permission for the course. You can also try emailing the instructor to gain permission. All "1000" classes are entry level and do not require permissions. (All Audit students must contact the instructor to get permission due to the limited space in the studios/classrooms.)

Will I be assigned an advisor?

Yes! Each Art Major or Minor will be assigned an advisor based on their major/concentration. Meeting with your adviser is very important because it allows you to build a relationship with our faculty and they can help answer your questions. They will also assist you with your class schedule to help keep you on track for graduation.

Will there be space provided to store my materials, books, etc.?

Yes! On the 2nd floor of Washington Hall on the Summerville campus, the hallway is equipped with personal lockers. To gain access to one, you must purchase your own lock and turn in the extra key/lock combination to the main Art Office. We must have access to the lockers in case you were to lose your own key/combination or in case of an emergency. When dealing with paint/liquid/chemicals, we must take any and all safety precautions.

How will I know about upcoming shows and visiting artists?

If you like our Mary S. Byrd Gallery Facebook page, we keep it up-to-date with this information and any other upcoming events for the Art Department. We also send our emails to all Art students informing them of these events, along with other important information such as competitions, new program offerings, deadlines, holidays, etc.

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