Augusta University Medicine Department of Surgery

VESL Curriculum Modules

Dry Lab Dry Lab Dry Lab
Bedside procedures Central Line Asepsis Program
Bowel anastomosis Chest tube, Cricothyroidotomy ATLS
Knot Tying Knot Tying Central Line Bundle
Endoscopy/colonoscopy Suturing Basic Bedside Procedures
Suturing Knot Tying knot tying
Vascular anastomosis Vascular Anastomosis Suturing
Laproscopic CBD exploration Hand Sewn Intestinal Anastomosis Team Training: Periop Brief/Debriefing
Therapeutic endoscopy Stapled Bowel Anastomosis Upper Endoscopy
Basic ultrasonography Upper Endoscopy Surgical Biopsy
Basic laparoscopic training-box trainers Colonoscopy Advance laparoscopic skills-suturing
Laparoscopic knot tying Laparoscopic Instrumentation: Display and Hands On FLS
Laparoscopic suturing and anastomosis Laparoscopy Team Training: Resident as Educator
  Camera Nav & Suture Team Training: Patient Handoff
Video Conferences Laparoscopic suturing FAST, Vascular US
Bedside procedures Laparoscopic suturing - bowel anastomosis Breast US
Basic and advance laparoscopy Team Training ED US Course
Cholecystectomy and CBD Exploration lap VHR Bowel Anastomosis
Laparoscopic anastomotic techniques ATLS Team Training: Retained Sponge
Herniorrhaphy   Vascular Anastomosis
Foregut Surgery Video Conference Laparoscopic VHR
Appendectomy and Colectomy Colectomy Radiology for surgery residents
Laparoscopic solide organ surgery TEPP/TAP  
Bariatric surgery Biliary surgery Video Conference
  Thyroid/Parathyroid Urological Emergencies
  Min invasive thyroid & parathyroid surgery Breast disease
  Urological emergencies for the general surgeons GYN Emergencies
  Laparoscopic solid organ surgery Thyroid, Parathyroid Surgery
  Laparoscopic liver surgery, IOUS ECMO
  Breast Surgery Esophageal Surgery
  Foregut Surgery  
  Resident as educator Cadaver Labs
  OB/GYN emergencies for general surgeons Advanced trauma and vascular exposure
    Endocrine, Open Foregut, Open Herniorrhaphy
  Cadaver Labs TEP/TAPP, Lap Foregut
  Advanced Trauma Exposure Lap Colon
  TEP, TAPP, colectomy  
  CDBE, Open Foregut Surgery  

Image 37

 Residents participating in an Advanced Trauma Exposure Laboratory.

Image 64

VESL Director, Dr. Merchen, supervising residents during a cadaver laboratory.


Residents and faculty participating in a laparoscopic cadaver laboratory.


Residents and faculty participating in a laparoscopic cadaver laboratory.


Residents and faculty participating in a laparoscopic cadaver laboratory.


Residents and faculty participating in a laparoscopic cadaver laboratory.


Cadaver laboratories are conducted 4 times a year for all residents.



Resident, Dr. Hardy, demonstrating the Endo Stitch model to faculty member, Dr. Pipkin.


Residents participating at an ATLS airway station.


Dr. Edwards, demonstrating bedside techniques to residents.


Faculty member, Dr. McLoughlin, supervising a Pig Tissue Basic Suturing Laboratory.


Residents participating in a Knot Tying Laboratory.



VESL Director, Dr. Merchen, supervising a Vascular Laboratory.


A Vascular Model in use.


A Vascular Model in use.


Faculty member, Dr. Wynn, conducting a vascular lecture and laboratory.


A basic vascular model in use.


Resident, Dr. Guelig, practicing on a vascular model.


Faculty member, Dr. Agarwal, supervising a vascular laboratory.


Dr. Edwards, supervising Dr. Chapman during a vascular laboratory.


Dr. Bittner, Dr. Sheff, and Dr. Pettiford participating in a vascular ultrasound ultrasound laboratory.


Faculty member, Dr. Kruse, demonstrating a breast ultrasound.


Dr. Bittner participating in a breast ultrasound laboratory.