Simulations and Surgical Education Related Abstracts, Presentations and Publications

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James G Bittner “IV”, Christopher A Hathaway, James Brown. Three-dimensional visualization and articulating instrumentation: Impact on simulated laparoscopic tasks

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Deladisma AM, Johnsen K, Raij A, Rossen B, Kotranza A, Kalapurakal M, Szlam S, Bittner JB, Swinson D, Lok B, Lind DS. Medical Student Satisfaction with Using a Virtual Patient System to Learn History-Taking and Communication Skills. Manuscript presented at Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR) meeting, Long Beach, CA January 2008.Stud Health Technol Inform. 2008;132:101-5.

Deladisma AM, Kotranza A, Shah H, Fox P, Gucwa A, Rossen B, Imam T, Wang S, Pugh C, Lok B, Lind DS. The Use of a Mixed Reality Breast Simulator with an Innovative Feedback System (Touch Map) to Teach Breast History-Taking and Physical Examination Skills. Abstract accepted to the San Antonio Breast Meeting (December 2008).

Deladisma AM, Imam T, Kotranza A, Raij A, Bittner JG, Lok B, Pugh C, Lind DS. The Use of Mixed Reality Humans to Teach Clinical Skills. Abstract accepted to the AAMC Research in Medical Education (RIME) Session, San Antonio, November 2008.

Gucwa A, Beatty J, Kotranza A, Deladisma A, Rossen B, Pugh C, Lok B, Lind DS. Gender Differences Among Students Undergoing a Mixed Reality Simulation in Breast History-Taking and Physical Examination. Abstract accepted to the Association of Women's Surgeons Meeting, October 2008.

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Gucwa A, Beatty J, Shah H, Deladisma A, Kotranza A, Raij A, Lok B, Pugh C, Lind DS. The Use of a Mixed Reality Human Interaction to Assess Empathy. Abstract submitted to the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Meeting, Sept 2008.