The overall mission of the Virtual Education and Simulation Laboratory and the Center for Operational Medicine is to improve patient care and safety, and minimize adverse patient outcomes and healthcare cost through simulation-based education, skills acquisition and educational research.

Educational Mission

To provide curricular-driven educational activities on multidisciplinary surgical diseases,
To provide curricular-driven educational activities on the principles of minimal access interventions utilizing a video-based objectives driven curriculum,
Provide continuing medical education training activities for all physicians, physicians in training and other healthcare personnel.

Skills Training Mission

To enhance surgical and non-surgical team training through multidisciplinary training models,
Utilize level-specific skills curriculum to teach basic procedural skills, basic surgical skills, and basic and advanced endoscopic/laparoscopic surgical skills,utilizing,
Development, implement and evaluate proficiency-based training modules,
To become and regional and national resource for skills acquisition for all healthcare personnel.

Research Mission

Development and validation of skills curriculum,
Validation of emerging technology for skills training,
Development and evaluation of the virtual patient as an educational tool.