Augusta, Georgia, nicknamed the “Garden City,” is a beautiful city which enjoys a rich cultural heritage.  Situated on the Savannah River, the city is a growing, vibrant metropolis.  Best known for the Master’s Golf Tournament, the city has so much more to offer.  Whether you want arts, culture, fantastic food, or a sun-filled relaxing day on the water, this city will meet all your needs.

Augusta is the second oldest and one of the largest cities in Georgia. Founded in 1736, Augusta is located on the banks of the Savannah River, and this provides a favorable area for a host of recreational opportunities. Aside from the intrinsic value in the city of Augusta, the geography allows for an ideal location for fast access to the beach, mountains, and larger metropolitan areas. Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah, and Charlotte are all within two hours. This allows you to enjoy the bigger city life anytime you want, without dealing with the traffic, cost, and inconveniences associated with big-city living.

Augusta has a thriving food scene with culinary expertise that spans the globe. There are high end restaurants with world class chefs that are ready to cater your “proper night out.”  There are fusion restaurants, offering wonderfully unique and amusing combinations.  The local restaurant scene with excellent southern comfort food or barbeque is always thriving with many options to choose from. There are breweries, cafés, and a hole in the wall grease pits that can will blow you away.  Finally, don’t worry, in addition to all the wonderful local offerings, there plenty of your favorite childhood chain restaurants that you can use to fill that craving from your hometown. One would be hard pressed to find a better food scene in a similarly sized city.

Augusta is also a wonderful place for nature lovers. The Augusta Canal, Augusta Riverwalk, North Augusta Greenway, and Savannah River provide outdoor recreation on foot, by bike, or by boat. With more than 1,000 miles of shoreline, Clark's Hill/Strom Thurmond Lake offers endless opportunities for water sports and family fun. Whatever your outdoor pleasure may be, hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, or simply sitting and watching the stars in the crisp clean air, we have it for you. 

Augusta Canal
Augusta National Greens at Masters
Augusta Georgia Downtown
Boat tour on Augusta Canal
Broad Street Artist Row
Flowers in Foreground of Masters Tournament


Sports lovers alike will get a thrill out of the opportunities in Augusta.  The Augusta Greenjackets are a minor league affiliate of the World Series Winners San Francisco Giants.

When it comes to sports, we would be remiss if we did not tip our hat to the famous Masters Tournament.  Since 1934, Augusta National Golf Club has hosted the few best PGA professionals that qualify for the Masters and make a run for the green jacket. This is the pinnacle of professional sports and one of the hardest sports tickets to come by in the world.  This happens a few mere miles away from the hospital.  During that week, the city hosts a tremendous amount of wealthy and prosperous people from all over the globe, making celebrity sight-seeing one of the more fun pastimes of the year. Additionally, Augusta has a wealth of public and private golf courses for all levels of talent. Finally, the small suburb of Aiken, SC is a horse lover’s paradise and hosts the annual highly acclaimed Steeplechase every year. 

All these things provide amazing cultural, culinary, and entertainment opportunities.  This is all accomplished within the parameters of an extremely low cost of living and minimal traffic.  The combination is perfect for the busy surgical fellow. 

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