What is Laboratory Equipment Services? 

Laboratory Equipment Services (LES) is a Section of Research and Education Services in the Medical College of Georgia. It is an on-site facility providing quality, low cost laboratory equipment repair, preventive maintenance and biological safety cabinet certifications by certified technicians.

The mission of LES is to support researchers, faculty, staff and students by providing prompt, reliable equipment repair service for various types, makes and models of equipment. The LES section can also offer advisement for proper usage of modern laboratory equipment and instruments.

The LES technicians receive their annual re-certification and advance training through professional scientific corporations, such as, Forma, NuAire, Revco and Baker. They custom design, fabricate, calibrate and modify devices as needed.

The LES maintains a supply of fuses, bulbs, and electronic components as well as plastics and metals. The technicians research purchasing new equipment and parts in the most efficient manner and at the lowest cost possible to our customers.

Laboratory Equipment Services is located in the basement of the Carl T. Sanders Research & Education Building (CB-0110).

Services are available to campus, hospital and other state authorized institutions.

To request service or additional information, contact:

Dewey Jones

(706) 721-6124

Greg White

(706) 721-3274

Scott Pell

(706) 721-4112