Research & Education Services (R & E Services) is a department of the Medical College of Georgia's Dean's Office. R & E Services consists of facilities management within the Medical College of Georgia, Laboratory Equipment Services and Central Supply Services. Laboratory Equipment Services and Central Supply Services are available to campus, hospital and other state authorized institutions.
The mission of R & E Services is to provide continuity, maintenance and management of the Medical College of Georgia's facilities, laboratory equipment and central supply services. Thru this mission, R & E Services assists researchers, faculty, students and staff in developing valuable research, fulfilling educational goals and achieving professional excellence.

In conjunction with the short-term and long-term goals of the Medical College of Georgia, the administrative staff assists the Dean of the Medical College of Georgia and the Director of Operations, with the development of space plans, and proposed renovations for research and educational facilities. R & E Services also ensures teaching facilities and equipment are current with the latest technology.

Laboratory Equipment Services (LES) provides prompt, reliable maintenance and repair service for various types, makes and models of equipment and instrumentations required for research. The LES section can also provide advisement for proper usage of modern laboratory equipment and technical devices.

Central Supply Services (CSS) is readily available to assure, proficient care and distribution of essential items needed for testing and scientific experimentation. The CCS maintains an adequate supply of liquid nitrogen, chemicals and other materials for distribution and utilization as required for various projects and procedures.
R & E Services is located on the 2nd floor of the Carl T. Sanders Research & Education Building, Room 2340 (CB-2340).