Central Supply Services (CSS) is a section of Research and Education Services in the Medical College of Georgia. It is a campus facility providing sterilization, preparation and distribution of laboratory supplies and materials.

The mission of Central Supply Services is to assist MCG researchers, faculty, students and staff by assuring prompt, proficient care and distribution of essential items needed for scientific experimentation, research and testing. A listing of these items includes various designs of flasks, cylinders, vials, pipettes, surgical instruments, lab coats, scrubs and gowns.

The CSS technicians wash/dry, autoclave, sterilize, bake and appropriately prepare glassware and other devices for continued laboratory utilization. They launder lab coats, scrubs and gowns at a very minimal cost to our researchers and lab technicians.

The CSS maintains an adequate supply of liquid nitrogen, Fisher Scientific and Bio-Rad chemicals and other materials for distribution and utilization as required for research projects and procedures.

Central Supply Services is located on the 1st floor of the Carl T. Sanders Research and Education Building, Room 1506 (CB-1506).

The service technicians are Robert McTier and Seth Douglas.

For service information, call (706) 446-0115.