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Research & Career Mentors

Mentoring is the single most important factor that contributes to academic success. Those with mentors are more likely to make timely progress toward their degrees, and make renewed commitments to their professions. This collaboration allows mentees to meet the various challenges of their careers. Mentoring is a personal as well as a professional relationship.

Responsibilities of Mentors

The Mentor's responsibilities include:

Providing leadership for the development of mentee's research project based on common interests;

Devote at least 5% effort towards interaction with mentee through regular communication by phone and/or email;

Assist with planning the mid-year visits to the mentor's laboratory;

The mentor will also review grant and manuscript writing skills;

Mentee and mentor will outline a strategy for developing grant application and plans for submission to NHLBI within 2 years of completing the PRIDE program;

Establish long term collaborations with mentees to increase the probability of a successful independent research career.


PRIDE Program Mentor Faculty




 Betty Pace, MD, PRIDE Program Director

Department of Pediatrics

Augusta University

 John Adams, PhD

Internal Medicine

University of South Florida

 Kenneth Ataga, MD 


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

 Lindsey Cohen, PhD

Clinical Psychology

Georgia State University

 Patrick Gallagher, MD

Pediatrics and Genetics

Yale University School of Medicine

 Robert Gibson, PhD

Emergency Medicine

Augusta University

 Steven Goodman, PhD

Department of Pediatrics

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

 Abdullah Kutlar, MD

Department of Medicine

Augusta University

 Theodosia Kalfa, MD, PhD


Cincinnati Children's Hospital

 Rick McIndoe, PhD

Center for Biotechnology and Genomic Medicine

Augusta University

 Mitchell Weiss, MD, PhD


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

 Sandra Murray, PhD

Molecular And Cellular Biology

University of Pittsburgh

 Mohandas Narla, DSc

Red Blood Physiology

New York Blood Center

 Tessie October, MD, MPH

Department of Pediatrics

Children's National Health System

 Kenneth Peterson, PhD

 Biochemistry/Molecular Biology

University of Kansas Medical Center

 Charmaine Royal, PhD

 Genome Sciences & Policy

Duke University

 Wally R. Smith, MD

Department of Medicine

Virginia Commonwealth University

 Joseph Telfair, MD,PhD, MPH

 Public Health

Georgia Southern University

 Marsha Treadwell, PhD

 Hematology and Psychiatry

Children's Hospital Oakland

Stephanie J. Bryant, PhD

Chemical and Biological Engineering

University of Colorado a Boulder

Stella Chou, MD


University of Pennsylvania

Gustavo Nino, MSHS, D'ABSM


George Washington university

Andrew S. Weyrich, PhD

Internal Medicine

University of Utah