logo stating "PRIDE-FTG: Functional & Translational Genomics"

The entire application process is online at the national PRIDE Coordination Core website established at Washington University. Candidates will apply through a two-stage process. No paper applications will be accepted.

I. Pre-Application (online)

  • Complete the pre-application to determine your eligibility for the PRIDE-FTG program . Once completed, the pre-application will be sent to the PRIDE-FTG Program Admissions Committee for review and fit for the program goals. The PRIDE Coordination Core will send an official invitation to complete a Full Application. This application site cannot be accessed without an invitation.

II. Full Application Components

  • Application Form
  • Curriculum Vita
  • Statement of Research Experience (1-2 pages, single-spaced)
  • Statement of current Research Interest/career goals (one page, single-spaced)


Chair's Recommendation Letter

An invitation will be sent to your Department Chair from the PRIDE Coordination Core for a letter of recommendation. This must state the following which confirms that the applicant has permission to fully participate in the PRIDE-FTG program.

  1. You will be granted 5% protected time and effort throughout the one-year training period for a mid-year mentor visit, annual workshop in Bethesda, MD and online evaluations.
  2. During the summer, 20% effort will be dedicated to attend the PRIDE Institutes (10-14 days).
  3. You will have access to institutional resources for preparing grant applications
  4. Address the applicant’s potential for independent research and dedication to a long-term academic career.
  5. The letter must be submitted electronically to the PRIDE Coordination Core

Mentor or Colleague's Recommendation Letter

An invitation will be sent to the Mentor/Colleague from the PRIDE Coordination Core for a second letter of recommendation. This letter can be from a former mentor (PhD thesis, postdoctoral fellowship, sub-specialty training etc.) or colleague. This letter should address among other points, the candidates potential for independent research and dedication to a long-term academic career. The letter must be submitted electronically to the PRIDE Coordination Core.


The PRIDE-FTG Admissions Committee will review completed applications and make recommendations to the Program Director. A written notification of the final decision will be provided to each applicant electronically.

Note applicants will have 14 days to send a letter of acceptance or decline the offer for admission in order to hold his/her place in the program.

CURRENT APPLICATION DEADLINE: Recruitment closed for Summer 2024 

(After that date, we are accepting rolling applications until all spots are filled)

Applications for the 2024 training period are being accepted. Visit the PRIDE Coordination Core website to begin the application process.

Contact Dr. Betty S. Pace, Program Director (bpace@augusta.edu) if you have questions or concerns.

Policy for multiple PRIDE applications

There will be nine PRIDE institutes offered in the summer of 2024. See the PRIDE Coordination Core website for more details. Mentees may apply to more than one PRIDE program. Additional information on the other PRIDE programs can be obtained at the individual program websites. If an applicant is accepted in more than one program, a decision as to which program he/she will attend must be made. After a mentee has accepted a position in a PRIDE Program, the other program(s) will be notified immediately, and the second application withdrawn. Once a written commitment has been made to one program, a candidate will not be allowed to switch PRIDE Programs. There may be a limited opportunity for mentees to attend sessions at other institutes if no conflict in schedule occurs and/or space is available in the PRIDE program of interest. Permission to attend limited sessions in another institute must be obtained from the Program Directors of both institutes.