Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service- VA Medical Center


VAMC, 2D-109 
Phone: 706-823-2232 




The Chief of Service reports to the Chief of Staff at the VAMC in all matters regarding the service and to the Chairman, Department of Pathology, Augusta University in academic matters. The service is a unified one comprising both anatomic and clinical pathology under one chief. Anatomic pathology entails performance of autopsies, surgical pathology, and cytopathology to provide anatomic diagnoses from cells and tissues. Clinical pathology comprises the clinical laboratory, which involve the study of blood and body fluids in support of patient services. The two full-time pathologists participate in the clinical affairs of the VAMC and the academic activities of the Department of Pathology, Augusta University.


Inspections by the College of American Pathologists, Joint Commission, American Association of Blood Banks and the Food and Drug Administration are held at regular intervals and result in maximum periods of accreditation. The VAMC is jointly accredited with Augusta University by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.