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Dr. G

Dr. Giurgiutiu


Local woman shares her story of triumph following brain aneurysm rupture

Nicole Jenkins gave birth to her daughter in April of 2001. As she was preparing to leave the hospital, things took a turn for the worse.

“I kinda remember him screaming and running like, ‘we need help!’ because I was having seizures,” recalled Jenkins.




Mother and Daughter


Hope Watson

Dr. Matthew Kridel and Dr. Danielle Weiss work together on treatment for Hope Watson


AU Clinic helps patients with non-epileptic seizures


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - PNES, or psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, looks like one thing, but in some cases is actually something else.


For years, Hope Watson didn't fully understand what was wrong with her. Visiting doctor after doctor and receiving diagnosis after diagnosis, trying to pinpoint exactly what was wrong. 


“It really took a lot from me," Hope said. 


Doctors initially told Hope and her parents it could be depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety or ADHD....

Click Here for Hope's Story
E. Rutkowski MD, MS

Elizabeth Rutkowski, MD, MS interviewed on the "ND MD"  podcast about her most impactful patient case. 


The Mystery Diagnosis with a Neurologist | Doctor's Debrief | ND MD

Dr. Moore-hill

EEG Scavenger Hunt Series with Dr. Debra Moore-hill


EEG Scavenger Hunt Series, Brainy Neurologist. Objective: to start the conversation for new EEG readers. To provide asynchronous content, and an introduction to EEG reading. To spark the learners interest to keep studying EEG content!

Epilepsy patient news

 (left to right) Rachel Poston, PA-C, Fernando Vale, MD, James Smith (Patient) , Debra Moore-hill, MD, MPH , Smith's Grandmother 


“I was terrified, but laughter is the best medicine”: Special haircut helps North Florida man prepare for brain surgery

“If I can inspire someone to find the humor in that bad situation, no matter what they’re going through,” James Smith said. “You got to be positive. There’s sunshine after the rain.”

Smith said he’s now living every day without fear of another seizure.

James smith hairHaircut James



kurek boxing

Dr. Julie Kurek and Dr. Jeffrey Switzer


Boxing Program Helps Parkinson's Patients Fight Back 

WJBF-TV’s coverage of our Neurology Boxing Day! Chair Dr. Jeff Switzer and COE Director Dr. Julie Kurek give AMAZING interviews, as do two of our program’s PD patients, and Suzanne Denmark of Day One.


Day One Fitness has a boxing program. It recently held an event called Neurology Boxing Day. It was a chance for Parkinson’s patients to become the coaches while their doctors became their trainees. Neurologists from Augusta University were on hand to witness the benefits of the program.


Elizabeth Rutkowski

Elizabeth Rutkowski, MD


Scientific Publications

2020 Hess DC, Eldahshan W, Rutkowski E. COVID-19 Related Stroke. Translational Stroke Research 2020. 11(3): 322-325. 

2020 Hess DC, Rutkowski E, Morgan J, McCluskey L. COVID-19 and Neurological Symptoms: Is the SARS-CoV-2 Virus Neurotropic? Conditioning Medicine 2020. 3(5): 241-245.

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