The Augusta University Sickle Cell Center currently provides care to over 1500 pediatric and adult patients in Augusta, the surrounding counties, and throughout Southeast Georgia.

Many patients utilizing the Augusta University Sickle Cell Center reside in rural areas, most of which are under served by health care providers. Because of the size of the state of Georgia, many rural counties are a significant distance from the Sickle Cell Center in Augusta (100-200 miles). Therefore, in addition to pediatric and adult clinics in Augusta, the Augusta University Center provides clinical care to patients in 43 counties across the state through a well-established outreach program. This extensive outreach network, supported by the Georgia Department of Human Resources, has increased access to tertiary care for many patients in the rural areas.

Augusta University Sickle Cell Center physicians staff outreach clinics in Albany, Macon, Savannah, Valdosta, and Waycross. Appointments for all clinics are scheduled through the Adult Sickle Cell Clinic at Augusta University, 706-721-2171.