Medical School Fellowship 

  • To encourage the education of physician-scientists, MD/PhD students receive the Harrison Physician Scientist Scholarship for medical school tuition and student health insurance while enrolled in the medical school curriculum. 
  • MD/PhD students also receive an annual stipend of $29,000. 
  • MD/PhD students will be responsible for paying for the remaining student fees assigned to their accounts each semester during MD enrollment. 

Graduate School Stipends

  • MD/PhD students who choose to attend Augusta University during the graduate (PhD) years will be housed in The Graduate School Biomedical Sciences PhD program. Each MD/PhD student enrolled at Augusta University will receive the following:
    • A Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) that includes an annual stipend of $29,000 and student health insurance (both funded by the mentor). 
    • Travel funding up to $1000 every fiscal year (funded by The Graduate School).
    • Enrolled students who compete successfully for eligible individual, external predoctoral fellowships will be rewarded for their efforts in the form of a supplement of $5,000 above the current GRA stipend unless the external award is less than $5,000. 
    • MD/PhD students are responsible to pay $25 in tuition and student fees assigned to their accounts each semester during PhD enrollment.
  • MD/PhD students who choose to enroll at Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology or the University of Georgia, for graduate school, will obtain the stipend amount allotted to students based on institutional policies and procedures. Stipend, tuition, student health insurance, and student fees will vary according to the program and institution.

Travel Funding

  • An additional $1,000 is available per fiscal year to offset travel expenses for presentation of research findings at local, national, and international scientific / clinical meetings during the entire program regardless of the enrolled institution.