SW Specific scholarships

Mentorship from SW Deans & Students

Distinguished Leadership Advocacy Progam

Numerous unique student focus experiences (research, ultrasound, wellness)


Southwest Leadership & Advocacy Program

  • Students on SW campus (Traditional & LIC) are part of this enriching curriculum for leadership & advocacy.
  • Learn about the evolving health care ecosystem with a focus on health disparities, economics and policy through seminars, meetings & conferences.
  • Receive designation of Distinguished SW Leadership Scholar on Dean’s Letter along with a 4 week elective credit
  • Trip to Atlanta to visit to Georgia State Capitol and CDC; spend a week in Washington DC
  • Community projects including mentoring high school and premed students

Ultrasound Education

  • $102,000 federal grant to purchase 20 bedside ultrasound devices
  • Every SW campus student gets personal ultrasound sessions throughout the year, led by SW Ultrasound Director

Research Excellence

  • Recent students completed numerous projects and matched in Neurology, Ortho, Oncology, Ophthalmology, ENT and many more
  • AU Public Health will provide research mentoring, biostatistics support and data sharing with our local hospital
  • Work with CDC on cancer screening research and Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes)
sw mcg students
sw mcg students
sw mcg students
sw mcg students
sw mcg students
sw mcg students