Our support center has been incorporated into the university-wide rollout of iLab Solutions. All consulting requests must now be made through this new system (iLab). Before you can enter requests in iLab, you must register to create an account. (If you have already registered, you can skip the registration step.)

Registration with iLab (one-time process):

1. Go to the login page at
2. Choose the option under Internal Augusta User that says “Click here to login or register using your institute login and password.”
3. After entering the required information, you will see a message saying your account activation is pending approval.
4. You should get an email when your account is activated (this may take up to 24 hours). At that time you can log in to iLab and enter your consulting request (directions below).

Entering a consulting request into iLab:
1. Go to the login page at
2. Click on “List All Cores” to see a list of cores available to you. A list of cores will appear.
3. Choose Statistical Consulting Center (as the desired Core you are requesting services from).
4. To enter your request, click on the Request Services tab, if it is not already chosen. Then click on the request service button (middle right of screen). Choose/fill out the requested information, and click on Submit Request to Core.
5. You will be notified when a member of the Department of Biostatistics, Data Sciences & Epidemiology is available to take your project. An initial meeting will be scheduled at that time.

Please contact Lifang Zhang (Email or 706-721-4453) if you have any questions.