Welcome! We are glad you are interested in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. The program offers coursework and research experience from both a basic research and clinical perspective. Students participating in this program will learn neuroscience fundamentals through the exploration of different neural systems.

Students are initially accepted to the Biomedical Sciences PhD program for the first-year curriculum and a series of rotations through research laboratories.  This experience allows you to sample different lab environments before choosing a lab for your thesis research in Neuroscience.  In the second year, students continue to develop their research projects and also take upper-level Neuroscience coursework, including the opportunity for mentored rotations through neurology clinics to gain a perspective of translational research challenges. Completion of the program requirements will lead to a PhD degree with a major in Neuroscience, reflecting the unique, broadly based training that student candidates will receive.

Graduates of the program have achieved postdoctoral and faculty positions utilizing their research and/or teaching skills at prestigious universities, such as the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, Cornell University, Vanderbilt University and others. Neuroscience program alumni are also working in industry, government, and scientific writing. To learn more about the program click on any of the links on the left, which includes contact information for the director. Questions and inquiries about the program are always welcomed! 

For more information please visit the Biomedical Sciences page.  

Neuroscience & Regenerative Medicine - Graduate Program

Health Sciences Campus

Interdisciplinary Research Center

Program Director

Eric Vitriol