Our primary responsibility is to provide timely and rigorous data to inform decision making at all levels of the Medical College of Georgia.

Our office provides curricular feedback concerning pre-clinical module and clerkships. We also collect and report on outcome data including: Student Patient Encounter Logs (SPEL), AAMC Matriculating Student and Graduation Questionnaires, Graduate and Residency Program Director Surveys, and national examination scores.

This information is a vital part of the educational process and is used by faculty, module/clerkship directors, the Curriculum Oversight Committee, and other administrative staff to improve education at Augusta University.


MedEd SCOPE Streamlining Curriculum Oversite and Program Evaluation

MedEd SCOPE is a data warehouse and administrative dashboard created to consolidate various sources of data essential to student, faculty, and program evaluation.

Educational Research Review

Medical College of Georgia policy requires that all educational research projects be reviewed prior to submission to the Human Assurance Committee.

Researchers may recruit students in person for studies or provide information about upcoming studies.

Evaluation Resources