The Core offers a variety of services for transmission and scanning electron microscopic imaging. The Histology Core is located in the same laboratory and provides services for light level microscopy.

The Electron Microscopy Core is a full service facility and the Core staff performs all aspects of the ultrastructural procedures from specimen processing to imaging. The services available include:

  • Initial and ongoing consultation
  • Supply appropriate fixative for immersion or perfusion fixation for routine or immunoelectron microscopic (IEM) or in situ hybridization (ISH) analysis
  • Specimen processing and embedding (TEM) or coating (SEM)
  • Cut thick sections to select appropriate areas of specimen for ultrathin sectioning and TEM imaging
  • Cut ultrathin sections and stain for routine or serial section TEM imaging
  • Prepare colloidal gold and gold-linked antibodies or probes for IEM or ISH
  • Negative staining
  • TEM imaging
  • SEM imaging
  • Light microscopic digital imaging

We can provide some services not listed above. Please contact the staff with your requirements.