The "Cardinal" Rule

Do not use a microscope if you lack the appropriate skills.

All new users are required to be trained via the Imaging Core staff prior to using an instrument unless they can demonstrate instrument competency.

Reserving Microscopes

  • Reserve all microscopes using the iLab management software. Click here to log into iLab. If you require assistance let Dr. Rachel Cui know.

  • If assistance is required for an experiment, please notify the Imaging Core staff (note: you will be charged for this). Periodic assistance with problems arising is not subject to an additional charge.
  • Reserved and unused time will result in the user’s laboratory being billed at the hourly rate (Fees). Cancellations must be made at least one hour prior to the scheduled session.
  • Prior calendar reservation is required for all instruments (can be made just before instrument use).

 Using Microscopes

  • Sign onto the log book, indicating not only your name, but also contact information as well as all other information requested. IMPORTANT: indicate in the log book whether you turned the microscope ON and/or OFF. Also please give your first name when logging into a machine.

  • Microscopes should be operated during non-peak hours by skilled users only. IMPORTANT: Users during non-peak hours must turn the instrument OFF when they finish using it, UNLESS the next user is physically present and therefore identified as available to assume this responsibility.