David Adams

David E. Adams, MBIE, CFSP

Coordinator, Anatomical Donation Services                     Augusta University       Cellular Biology and Anatomy 1460 Laney Walker Blvd. CB 1101 Augusta, GA 30912



David Adams is the Coordinator of the Anatomical Donation Services of the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University.  He is a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner who came to AU in 2002 and has been a professionally licensed embalmer and funeral director in the states of Georgia and South Carolina for more than thirty years. 

David was the Elected President of the Academy of Graduate Embalmers of Georgia (2012-2013). He was also previously the Director of the North American Division of the British Institute of Embalmers.  

Currently, he is a member of Georgia Funeral Directors Association, South Carolina Funeral Directors Association, National Funeral Directors Association, Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice, and the British Institute of Embalmers.