Educational Innovation Institute

The mission of the Educational Innovation Institute (EII) at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University (AU) is to champion excellence and innovation in health sciences education, and educational scholarship that enhances learning and develops educational leaders locally and globally.

The EII was founded as the Education Discovery Institute in 2008 under the leadership of Dr. Ruth-Marie E. Fincher, retired Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and former Co-Director of the EII.

What we do

    1. Inspire and facilitate the reframing of educational problems and challenges to meet the needs of today’s health professions education learners and educators.
    2. Support the professional and educational leadership development of health professions educators.
    3. Provide health professions educators with time-tested and/or innovative processes, technologies, or select content to address today’s educational problems and challenges.


Who we serve

    1. Primary: Augusta University health professions educators
    1. Secondary: The broader health professions education community


How we do it

    1. Provide services that are timely, professional, personal, participatory, and development-oriented.
    1. Apply team-member competencies in educational assessment, faculty development, program development, program evaluation, and educational research.