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About MCG about mcg, mcg mission, mcg values, about mcg dean, strategic plan, mcg alumni, mcg fast facts, history of mcg, mcg magazine, mcg medical illustration
Academy of Health Sciences Educators education, scholarship, membership, distinguished educators, organization, collaboration
Appropriate Treatment of Medical Students and Residents Policy positive academic environment, learning, Title IX, 9, mistreatment, inappropriate behavior
AU Employee Handbook handbook, guidebook, exit interview
AU Employee handbook manual guidebook employee, handbook, manual, guidebook
AU Employee Relations hr, human relations, relations, Harassment, prejudice, discrimination, threats, unfair treatment, dispute, grievance, concern, work
AU Half Marathon Race run, 5k, marathon, race
AU Libraries and Online Journals Library, pubmed, journal, search, ovid, catalog, book,
AU Policies grievance, complaint, dispute, resolution, committee, hearing, policy, policy info, legal policies, search policies, university policy library, Augusta University Policy Library
AU Research Homepage funding, briege funding, research, money, grant, research, discovery
AU Retirement Plans retire, retirement, plan, counseling, income, invest, investment, teacher, TRS, TIAA, Fidelity, Valic
AU Student Counseling & Psychological Services Counseling, therapy, psychologist, mental health, counselor, testing, alcohol, abuse, stress, burnout, suicide
AU Wellness Center Gym, health, exercise, group fitness, workout classes
Augusta Ironman Race run, 5k, marathon, race, ironman
Augusta University Research Training, research administration, studies, InfoEd, eSProute, eSirius3G, OnCore, iLab, clinical trials
Badge ID, identification, badge, cardholder, building access
Benefits health, dental, vision, retirement, deferred compensation, leave of absence, FMLA, personal leave, payroll, insurance, personnel action, termination, health savings account, flexible spending, life insurance, disability, accident plan, hospital indemnity plan, critical illness, illness, college savings, shared leave, education leave, perks, worker's compensation
Canal canoeing, trails, boat tours, hike
Clark’s Hill Lake camping, swimming, nature, trails, picnic, lake, waterfront, park, beach, playground, boat, RV, fishing
Division of Sponsored Programs Administration Grant, contract, negotiation, award, scholarship, proposal, budget, funding, internal grant, external grant, award
Educational Grand Rounds education, trends, grand rounds, presentation, departments, current topics
Educational Innovation Institute programming, onboarding, consultations, journal club, fellowship, education research, survey, quantitative, qualitative, workshops, publication, scholarship, journal scout, abstracts, posters, medical education, health sciences education
Educational Innovation Institute academic affairs, eii
EII Workshops learning opportunities, SPSS, quanitative, qualitiative, instructional technology, presentations, survey design, hands-on, practical
Faculty Development Fellowship training, professional identity, skills, abilities, knowledge, Educational Research Track, Teaching Scholars Track, coaches, mentors
Faculty Grievance Policy grievance, complaint, dispute, resolution, committee, hearing, policy, faculty grievance policy, legal, policy info
Faculty Profiles directory, listings, index, address book, record
Greeneway bike, trails, walk, greenway, hiking, river
Grievances grievance, complaint, dispute, resolution, committee, hearing, policy, faculty grievances
Health Sciences Education Day poster session, scholarship, trends, reflection, presentations, visiting professor, current topics, discussion
History of Augusta University augusta state, medical college, ghsu, augusta college, richmond academy, Augusta University, MCG Wellstar
Human Resources Support, advice, hiring, compensation, payroll, records, employee relations
Imperial Theatre Movies, theatres, venue, tickets, shows, music, comedy, musicals
Institutional Review Board participant, ethics, human research participants, committee, protocol, compliance, internal irb, external irb, biomedical, social, behavioral, cancer, IRBNet
Interdisciplinary Simulation Center simulation, simulator, sim, clinical skills, OSCE, training, debriefing, debrief, interprofession, interprofessional, IPE, interdisciplinary, center, standardized patients
International and Postdoctoral Services Office Visas, transfers, immigrants, international faculty, international student, international scholar, immigration, citizen
Journal Scout journal articles, reviews, innovations, current topics, abstracts, blog, reviewer, research
Junior Faculty Development Program: Career Development 101 (CD-101) new faculty, recently hired, promotion, tenure, scholarship, IRB, teaching strategies, pedagogy
Keys Locks, entry, key
Laboratory Animal Services rats, mice, IACUC, animal welfare, animal care, veterinarian, ethical, treatment
Laboratory‐Related Compliance biosafety, biohazard, laboratory safety, environmental health, material safety, fire, radiation, biological, injury, accident, incident, injury, chemicals
Master’s Golf sport, recreation, golf, Masters, tournament
MCG Academic Affairs Promotion, tenure, ombudsman, hiring, diversity
MCG Academics mcg academic affairs, mcg admissions, mcg 3+, gme, regional campus coordination, md/phd program, osa, office of student affairs, belonging and inclusivity, redbook mcg/student promotions policy & procedures
MCG Campuses campus, campuses, SW, southwest, NW, northwest, SE, southeast, partnership, Athens, NE, expansion, community
MCG Centers & Institutes mcg centers, mcg institutes, CBGM, Center for Healthy Aging, Center for Telehealth, Georgia Cancer Center, Georgia Prevention Institute, GPI, IMMCG, Immunology Center of Georgia, VBC, Vascular Biology Center, VDI, Vision Discovery Institute
MCG Departments mcg department listing, anesthesiology, bmb, biochemistry and molecular biology, cba, cellular biology and anatomy, dermatology, emergency medicine, family and community medicine, medicine, neurology, dnrm, neuroscience and regenerative medicine, neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedic surgery, otolaryngology, pathology, pediatrics, pharmacology & toxiology, physiology, dphs, population health sciences, psychiatry, radiology, radiation oncology, surgery, urology
MCG Employee-Faculty Assistance Program Counseling, therapy, psychologist, mental health, counselor, testing, alcohol, abuse, stress, burnout, suicide
MCG Faculty mcg faculty affairs, promotion and tenure, promotion and tenure process, mcg promotion and tenure guidelines, faculty senate, mcg advisory board
MCG Leadership organizational, chart, hierarchical, manager, management, dean, leaders
MCG Office for Faculty Success diversity, career, mentor, promotion, tenure, consult, success, development, advancement, raise, salary, advice, guidance, packets, faculty, consultation, mentorship, retention, women, diversity, leadership
MCG Office of Faculty Development onboarding, preparing to teach, teaching skills, educator, resident, faculty development, CPD, professional
MCG Preparing to Teach onboarding, training, education, One45, student evaluations, struggling learners, clinical teaching, objectives, presentations, active learning, multiple choice questions, feedback, UGME, undergraduate medical education, GME, graduate medical education
Medical Education Journal Club - Education and Treats (EAT) journal club, articles, discussion, reflection, trends, health sciences, monthly, current topics
Miller Theater music, comedy, performance, art, musicals, shows, tickets, venue
Morris Art Museum art, culture exhibitions
Navigating Educational Research Interactive Website student, intern, volunteer, educational research, conferences, journals, MedEdPortal, fellowships, scholarship, CITI training, IRBnet, training, software, funding, DSPA, external funding, internal funding, intramural grant, grant writing, research process
Non-Retaliation grievance, complaint, dispute, resolution, committee, hearing, policy, faculty grievance policy, non-retaliation policy
Parking Cars, transportation, shuttle, bus, parking, Summerville, transit, visitor parking, fines, JagExpress
Promotion and Tenure Advancement, raise, salary, career, tracks, clinician-educator, educator-clinician, basic-science educator, packets, career story
Residents as Teachers training, education, One45, student evaluations, struggling learners, clinical teaching, objectives, presentations, active learning, multiple choice questions, feedback, UGME, undergraduate medical education, GME, graduate medical education, objectives
Symphony Orchestra Augusta Music, classical
Teaching Tips clerkship, objectives, clinical teaching, large group, small group, feedback, curriculum development, lectures,
Technology Transfer commercial, licenses, patents, copyright, business, inventor, marketing, commercializing, invention, scientific discoveries, intellectual property
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