An Online Faculty Development Series for MCG Faculty

Purpose: To prepare MCG faculty for their role as teachers in MCG undergraduate education.


  1. If you primarily teach in a clinical setting, please access and view the modules checked under Clinical Teaching. If you primarily teach in a non-clinical setting (e.g., classroom), please view the modules checked under Non-Clinical Teaching. Recommended internet browsers include: Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.
  2. You may choose to view or print the 1-2 page handouts associated with each module.
  3. After viewing the modules assigned to you, please confirm completion by signing your name here.
  4. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ralph Gillies.


Topic Time (min) Objectives Clinical Teaching Non-Clinical Teaching Module Links Summary Handout
Medical College of Georgia's Mission 1
  1. Provide a brief context for the importance of teaching medical students at MCG - Being part of a 150+ year tradition.
MCG mission: Dr. Peter Buckley  
Opening Comments 2
  1. Thank MCG faculty for their teaching efforts.
  2. Provide rationale for the teaching preparation training.
Welcome: Dr. Paul Wallach  
Undergraduate Medical Education Overview 5
  1. Provide teachers with an overview of where their efforts fit into overall curriculum.
  2. Highlight LCMELiaison Committee on Medical Education expectations and how we meet them.
MCG curriculum overview module MCG Augusta curriculum overview
Augusta University/UGA Medical Partnership Curriculum summary
12 notions of our curriculum
Promoting a Positive Academic Environment 4
  1. Define a positive academic learning environment.
  2. Describe actions that promote or hinder a positive academic learning environment.
  3. Provide contact information regarding concerns.
Feedback 7
  1. Outline steps necessary for effective feedback.
  2. Provide specific strategies for offering feedback.
  Feedback module Feedback tips
Evaluations One45 5
  1. Highlight importance of timely, informative evaluations.
  2. Provide overview of One45 evaluation software.
Evaluation and One45 module> One45 Overview
Recognizing and Assisting Struggling Learners 7
  1. Provide basic suggestions for recognizing signs of a struggling learner and various factors contributing to struggling.
  2. Outline steps for addressing and referring a struggling learner.
  3. Highlight some of the resources or options available to a struggling learner.
Struggling learners module Struggling learners
Clinical Teaching 17
  1. Provide a simplified outline for clinical teaching in outpatient and inpatient settings.
  2. Provide suggestions for efficiently integrating a student intro into your practice.
  3. Provide suggestions for assessing student learning needs and abilities.
  Clinical teaching module Clinical Teaching Simplified
One Minute Preceptor
Learner Driven Case Presentations (SNAPPS)
5 Steps for Teaching Clinical Skills
ACP’s Teaching in Your Office Series: Ch. 3
ACP’s Teaching in Your Office Series: Ch. 4
Objectives for Clerkships & Electives by Department 3
  1. Ensure faculty are familiar with the objectives for their clerkship/elective.
Instructions: Please review the objectives for your departments clerkship/electives.
    Family Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Large Group Teaching pt.1 20
  1. Provide suggestions for PowerPoint slide design.
  2. Provide presentation delivery suggestions (organization, style).
  PowerPoint design module PowerPoint design
Designing PowerPoint Slides and Organizing Your Presentation Laudable lectures
Large Group Teaching Pt. 2 8
  1. Identify and apply simple active (engaged) learning strategies.
  2. Recognize Bloom's Taxonomy and the concept of direct questioning.
  Learning strategies module 12 Active Learning Strategies U.Minn CTL
Engaged or Active Learning
Writing Multiple Choice Question Items 7
  1. Provide suggestions for writing test items.
  Item writing module from Am Coll Radiology NBME item writing manual
Excerpt 4 pages

Optional Modules:

Topic Time (min) Objectives Clinical Teaching Non-Clinical Teaching Module Links Summary Handout
Small Group Learning 5
  1. Explain how small group learning differs from large group or 1:1 teaching.
  2. Provide strategies for more effective facilitation of small groups.
    Small group module Talk less, ask more. Using questions effectively
Facilitating Small Group Discussions
Augusta University's Email System (Outlook) 2
  1. Become familiar with accessing Augusta University's email system (Outlook).
    Augusta University email system (Outlook) module Augusta University email system (Outlook)
Augusta University's Online Course System Desire2Learn-D2L 3
  1. Become familiar with accessing Augusta University's LMSlearning management system known as D2LDesire2Learn.
    Augusta University online course system (Desire2Learn) module Augusta University online course system (Desire2Learn)