The Louis K. Bell Research Award is intended to recognize outstanding contributions in the area of research and publication by a faculty member in one of the following colleges: Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Business; Education and Human Development; Nursing; Science and Mathematics; School of Computer and Cyber Sciences; and Reese Library.

Recipients receive a plaque along with a $1,000 cash award. A permanent plaque is also displayed in Reese Library. 


To nominate a faculty member, write a 1-2 page letter detailing the the nominee's accomplishments in research and publication. See also the award criteria below. Submit nominations using the form found on this page. 

For the 2023-2024 award period, nominations are due by Friday, December 1, 2023 at 11:59 EST. 

Portfolio Submission

Due January 19, 2024

Submit Portfolio

Criteria for Award

  • All faculty who have primary appointments in one of the following colleges are eligible for the award:
    • College of Education and Human Development
    • College of Nursing
    • College of Science and Mathematics
    • James M. Hull College of Business
    • Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
    • Reese Library
    • School of Computer and Cyber Sciences
  • Nominees cannot have won the award within the previous three (3) years.
  • Nomination should be based on research which has been completed within the last two (2) years.
  • Research quality and impact will be of primary consideration.
  • Research productivity will be considered in the context of annual effort assignment for research.
  • Self-nominations are not considered.


Upon acceptance of the nomination, nominees will submit a portfolio consisting of the following materials:

  • Cover letter and Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Letter from department chair (or dean if nominee does not have a chair)
  • Letter from a senior faculty member with knowledge of nominee's discipline
  • External letter of support from an expert in the nominee’s research discipline

Award Selection Process

Internal Review Committee

An Internal Review Committee will be appointed by the Faculty Senate using the following criteria:

  • The Chair of the Senate's Faculty Development Committee appoints members from the Senate's Faculty Development Committee to serve on the Internal Review Committee.
  • The Committee shall consist of 5-7 total members. At least three members should be faculty from the colleges eligible for the award. Each committee member should have a distinguished record of research.


Duties of the Internal Review Committee:

  • Ensure nominating agencies/individuals are reminded of deadlines and policies.
  • Work with the Office of Faculty Affairs to collect nominations and nominees’ portfolios.
  • Select 3 finalists from the nominees to be sent to the External Review Committee.


External Review Committee

An External Review Committee will be appointed by the Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs using the following criteria:

  • The Committee will be comprised of three faculty members from other colleges or universities who have distinguished records as research scholars.


Duties of the External Review Committee Committees:

  • Receive the 3 finalists’ portfolios from the Office of Faculty Affairs.
  • Select the winning recipient. 

Previous Award Recipients

Year Recipient
1983 Dr. Emil Urban
1984 Mr. Fred Wharton
1985 Dr. Ed Cashin
1986 Dr. Lyle Smith
1987 Mr. Jack King
1988 Dr. Creighton Peden
1989 Dr. Ed Edmonds
1990 Dr. Ed Cashin
1991 Dr. Ron Ezell
1992 Dr. John Arthur
1993 Dr. Del Cahoon
1994 Dr. John Black
1995 Dr. William A. Reese, II
1996 Dr. Gerald Thompson
1997 Mr. Brian Rust
1998 Dr. Hubert van Tuyll
1999 Mr. James Rosen
2000 Dr. Cathy Cobb
2001 Dr. Lyle Smith
2002 Dr. Nabil Ibrahim
2003 Dr. Ray Whiting
2004 Dr. Mark Fissel
2005 Dr. Jurgen Brauer
2006 Mr. Tom Nakashima
2007 Mr. Tony Kellman
2008 Dr. Chad Stephens
2009 Dr. Kim Davies
2010 Dr. Richard Topolski
2011 Dr. Trinanjan Datta
2012 Dr. Wendy Turner
2013 Dr. Debra Reddin van Tuyll
2014 N/A
2015 N/A
2016 Ms. Kristin Casaletto
2017 Dr. Nai-Cheng Kuo
2018 Dr. Mary-Kate Lizotte
2019 Dr. Lufei Young
2020 Dr. Dustin Avent-Holt
2021 Dr. E. Nicole Meyer
2022 Dr. Elizabeth "Kip" Webster
2023 Dr. Lance Hunter
2024 Dr. Jenelle Slavin-Mulford