Thomas Abney

Thomas Abney

Academic Appointment(s)

Emeritus Faculty


  • Ph.D., Biochemistry University of Georgia, 1972

  • MS, Biochemistry University of Georgia, 1969

  • BS, Chemistry, General University of Georgia, 1966

Teaching Interests

My graduate course, END 8200, was designed to study the, cellular and molecular events that occur during ligand, binding to plasma membrane receptors and the subsequent, signal transduction pathways that result in cellular, response to hormones and other cell-specific regulators., The course, which was taught from the current journals,, emphasized a comprehension of the latest methodologies, and techniques that are used in modern molecular biology., Students gained experience in critically reading and analyzing, scientific papers for experimental design and methodology,, as well as data analysis and significance.

Research Interests

My research interests focused on two main areas of study:, 1) Leydig cell development in the rat and 2) SRY gene, expression during fetal sex determination in the mouse., In both studies we used cellular and molecular techniques, to elucidate the mechanisms involved in regulating gene, expression, cell proliferation and differentiation. We, were specifically interested in the genes that regulate, 1) the embryonic appearance of the testes in male, fetuses, thus promoting male sex determination and 2) the genes that control the development, differentiation, and function of Leydig cells, which produce the male, sex hormone, testosterone. Both studies are related, in that we were investigating the biological factors, that control normal male sex determination and function. My clinical interests were: a) male sex determination during fetal development, b) development of the fetal reproductive system, c) cryptorchidism in neonates and d) testicular cancer.