Pei Xiong Liew

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Pei Xiong Liew

Other Faculty

Academic Appointment(s)

Medical College of Georgia
Department of Cellular Biology and Anatomy


Pei X Liew attained his PhD under Dr. Paul Kubes at the University of Calgary in Canada. His Postdoctorate was completed at Harvard Medical School Under Dr. Tanya Mayadas. Pei Xiong's expertise is in Immunology and he specializes in using Intravital Microscopy to visualize the behavior and function of immune cells in live mice using Spinning Disk Confocal or Multiphoton microscopes.

He is currently the Director of the Intravital Microscopy Core Facility at the Immunology Center of Georgia (IMMCG). His project involves imaging the role of Kindlin-3 in regulating crawling and adhesion in murine neutrophils in real time using the multiphoton.

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  • CN3150


  • Ph.D., Immunology University of Calgary, 2017

Research Interests

Immunology, Innate Immunity, Neutrophils, Intravital Imaging