Eric Vitriol

Co-Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program

Eric Vitriol

Co-Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program

Associate Professor

Academic Appointment(s)

Medical College of Georgia
Department of Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine

The Graduate School

  • (706) 721-1176
  • CA 3012


  • Ph.D., Cell/Cellular Biology and Histology University of North Carolina -, 2009

  • BS, Biology/Biological Sciences, General University of North Carolina -, 2002

Courses Taught Most Recent Academic Year

  • BIOM 8040

    Intro to Faculty Research
  • BIOM 8050

    Intro to Research I
  • BIOM 8022

    Molecular Cell Biology
  • CURS 2990

    Undergrad Research I
  • BIOM 8080

    Neuroscience I


Selected Recent Publications

  • Protein disulfide isomerase A1 as a novel redox sensor in VEGFR2 signaling and angiogenesis, 2022
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • TDAExplore: Quantitative analysis of fluorescence microscopy images through topology-based machine learning, 2021
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Delivering defined amounts of purified protein with high precision into living cells, 2021
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Arp2/3 and Mena/VASP Require Profilin 1 for Actin Network Assembly at the Leading Edge, 2020
    Journal Article, Academic Journal
  • Cell-type-specific dysregulation of RNA alternative splicing in short tandem repeat mouse knockin models of myotonic dystrophy., 2019
    Journal Article, Academic Journal