• Dismissal Policy
  • Dispositional Warning
  • Interventions: If a student does not meet the program expectations (e.g., academic performance, dispositions) faculty will alert the student by way of an intervention. Interventions can be requested at any time by the Clinical Teacher, Building Coordinator, School Administrator, University Supervisor or Field Experience Coordinator. Important Note: Two interventions may result in dismissal from the program.
  • Pass/Fail Document
  • Dispositions: Dispositions of teacher candidates are evaluated continually throughout the teacher education program. Candidates are expected to demonstrate the professional dispositions identified in the Professional Behaviors and Dispositions Assessment (PBDA). These professional attitudes, values, and beliefs are seen in the candidates’ verbal and nonverbal interactions with students, other educators, parents, colleagues, and members of the community. Teacher candidates are assessed formally throughout the program on these dispositions using the professional dispositions rubric. Please review these Dispositions carefully.
  • Introduction to Intern Keys
  • Georgia Intern Keys: Intern Keys is completed on candidates throughout the program. This instrument is very similar to the Georgia Teacher Evaluation instrument for certified teachers. It is also used as one component of the midterm and final evaluations for student teaching. This assessment is completed by the University Supervisor, the Clinical Teacher, and the student teacher (self-evaluation) based on observations conducted throughout the semester. Please review these expectations carefully.

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