In support of the Augusta University (AU) and DCG Research Missions, CERSI will provide leadership and support in Research, Scholarship and Innovation to promote and achieve excellence in oral health-related scientific investigation, discovery and dissemination of new knowledge, and translation of these outcomes to healthcare to reduce the burden of disease and improve the quality of life for the communities we serve. In addition, CERSI can contribute to AU’s agility to respond to, and participate in, emerging research themes that do not fit well with existing departmental specializations or disciplinary approaches. CERSI can enhance the research profiles of individual faculty as well.


To support the DCG’s vision of being a globally recognized leader in the prevention of disease and the preservation of oral and systemic health. When successful, CERSI will also enhance the university’s visibility within the field of biomedical and dental medicine research, help attract exceptional faculty, residents, students, graduate students, and strengthen AU’s overall research reputation.


CERSI adopts and supports the Augusta University values of: Collegiality, Compassion, Excellence, Inclusivity, Integrity and Leadership and the Dental College of Georgia values of Service and Loyalty.  Furthermore, CERSI also promotes the values of Creativity, Continuous Learning, Engagement, Productivity and Sustainability.