Improving Quality of Life by Providing Specialized, Custom Prosthesis

Anaplastology brings art and science together to providing custom-designed and fitted extraoral and non-weight bearing prostheses to individuals living with anatomical anomalies, such as congenital absence of a body part, amputation from trauma or loss from illness.

The anaplastologist’s work is based on a clinical assessment and physician’s referral to support, modify, replace, protect, or restore an anatomical structure in the most realistic manner possible.  We collaborate closely with each patient’s rehabilitation team to ensure that our care meets the goals of the team and the patient.  

Your First Appointment

Please review and complete the following forms before your first appointment:

  1. Registration Form
  2. Payment and Warranty Policy
  3. Notice of Privacy Practices


  • Your most current insurance card(s) and Photo ID
  • Signed forms listed above

Patients visiting us for a facial prosthesis (ear, nose, or eye with eyelids)

  • Any appropriate reference photographs (different views if possible)
  • A pair of eyeglass frames you expect to wear with your prosthesis

Please note: You are responsible for the full price of the prosthesis on delivery. We will include an initial cost estimate based on the information we have from the doctor’s referral. Please ask us if you have any questions concerning the billing procedures of this office. Please take your time to review our Warranty and Payment Policies Acknowledgment.

Please also review the supplier standards for our Clinic.

Amanda Behr

Contact Us:
(706) 721-2261

Medical insurance often covers a portion of the cost of a prosthesis. We are an out-of-network provider at this time, but will can advise you on how to work with your insurance company for coverage, and we can bill on your behalf depending on your plan. We accept credit cards and checks.

Physician Referral

Physicians can refer patients by sending Referral Form and Certificate of Medical Necessity as well as physician notes to:

Fax: 706-721-7696

Download and print:

Daily Care Instructions