Cover of the JPDThe Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry (The JPD) is the leading peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to prosthetic and restorative dentistry, and it's located right here in The Dental College of Georgia.

The editorial office was originally located at the DCG under founding dean, Dr. Judson C. Hickey, who served as the Journal's second editor. The editorial office returned to the DCG in 2003 when Dean Carol Lefebvre became the Journal's fourth editor. The current editor-in-chief is Stephen F. Rosenstiel, BDS, MSD.

The JPD is the official publication of 25 leading international prosthodontic societies. Students and faculty can access journal articles going back to 1995 through the eJournals Navigator on the Greenblatt Library homepage. For those interested in history, the JPD editorial office has a hardbound collection of journal issues dating back to its first issue in 1951. For more information about The JPD, contact the editorial office at ext. 1-4558 and like us Facebook

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