Traditions and rituals bring the DCG family together and create community and continuity throughout the college’s history.

The Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University has a long history of preparing dentists to serve Georgia and the world. Since the first class of DMDs graduated in 1973, nearly 2,500 students have earned their Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. While the location and college name have changed over the years, one thing remains constant: our commitment to educating dentists to improve the overall health and reduce the burden of illness in society through dental health and disease prevention.

Family day. Photo by Matt Lindler. Family Day
This is a university-wide fall event, “but we put our own spin on it,” Carole Hanes says. Events for family members of first-year students include tours, presentations and hands-on experiences in the dental simulation lab. “This takes place during our new students’ first semester, so the visit enables family members to visualize their child in our dental environment,” Hanes says.
Impressions Program Impressions Program
The DCG chapter of the Student National Dental Association hosts this event for prospective students interested in a dental career. Select high school students and college undergraduates spend a Saturday participating in mock interviews, tours and hands-on simulation. “It’s a nice opportunity for people who think they might be interested in dentistry to see what it’s really like,” Carole Hanes says. “It’s a huge help to them and also presents a great recruiting opportunity for us. We’re always on the lookout for the best and brightest.”
White Coat White Coat Ceremony
This summer ceremony for rising second-year students celebrates their role as patient-care providers with the provision of their first white coat. “It’s a symbol of their entrance into the profession,” says Hanes. “Families attend and share in the milestone, and the students recite and sign a copy of a dental pledge that they write themselves. Then, they’ll repeat this pledge at graduation three years later. This ceremony is all about professionalism and ethical behavior.”
Hooding Ceremony Hooding Ceremony
This event, honoring graduating seniors, generally takes place on the same day as the university-wide commencement ceremony. “It’s a welcome-to-the-profession ceremony and really, really special,” Carole Hanes says. During the ceremony, the students are led in by a faculty member they have chosen to receive the Judson C. Hickey Award, named in honor of the DCG founding dean. The award honors the faculty member senior students deem has been the most influential during their education.
Talent show. Photo by Matt Lindler. Talent Show
Members of the DCG community bring their inner hams to the stage in the winter to display their skills in areas including music, dance and comedy. “It’s a great time for our students, faculty and staff,” Hanes says. “We’ve had guitarists, pianists, singers, stand-up comedians – just a remarkable demonstration of the immense talent within our community. It’s such a fun evening.”

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