Physical Therapy Research


Augusta University has a comprehensive biomedical sciences research agenda with signature programs in movement science, inflammation, neurological conditions, and cardiovascular diseases.

Physical therapy faculty are involved in research related to human movement science, sports medicine, neurological rehabilitation, educational delivery systems and cardiovascular health. The department also houses three research labs with activities directed by PT faculty. For more information about the department's research resources and faculty research interests, visit the following links.


Biochemistry Lab  » 
Chandramohan Wakade, MBBS
State-of-the-art equipment for biochemical analyses
Musculoskeletal Performance Lab 

Director: Lori Bolgla, PT, PhD, ATC
Equipped to examine muscle activation using non-invasive, clinically-based techniques

Muscle Physiology Lab

Director: Kate Kosmac, PhD

Dr. Kosmac’s research aims to understand mechanisms of skeletal muscle adaptation to exercise, aging, frailty and disease. In addition to gene and protein analysis, Dr. Kosmac’s lab uses histological and immunohistochemical (IHC) methods to visualize cell populations and structure elements in situ within human and rodent skeletal muscles under varying conditions.



Margaret Blagg, PT, DPT, WCS

Gender-specific health concerns and the role of physical therapy in the conservative management of these conditions. Incontinence, dyspareunia, and infertility are my primary interests

Lori A. Bolgla, PT, PhD, ATC

The influence of the hip on patellofemoral pain syndrome etiology

Megan Mobley, PT, DPT, WMS

Early intervention of scar management in a patient population with catastrophic burn injuries

Audrey Johnson, PT, PhD, DPT

Learning health system and clinical quality improvement science designed to implement evidence based practices or to de-implement low value care practices for adults in the acute, inpatient environment, especially in the prevention of hospital acquired functional decline.


Colleen Hergott, PT, DPT, GCS, C/NDT

Fall prevention, physical activity, and health promotion for older adults

Malorie Novak, PT, DPT, PhD

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning including lifelong learning, student outcomes, and innovation in teaching; resilience and grit

Vanessa Everett, PT, DPT, GCS

The impact of various prosthetic training interventions and balance strategies on adult lower extremity prosthetic users.

Dustin Cox, DPT, Ph.D., LSVT, CLT

Pain management and health care programming

Ashley Fox, DPT, OCS

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) and impact of exercise on the sympathetic nervous system as measured by pupilometry

Valerie Hogan, DPT, Ph.D.  

Ankle instability rehabilitation;  use of Alter-G antigravity training for prosthetic users