National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program Information

Scholarship Program Overview

The NHSC Scholarship Program (NHSC SP) awards scholarships to students pursuing primary health care professions training in NHSC-eligible disciplines in return for a commitment to provide health care to communities in need, upon graduation and the completion of training.

In return for each school year, or partial school year, of financial support received, students agree to provide primary health care services for one (1) year at an NHSC-approved site located in a high-need Health Professional Shortage Area (HPSA). For the first school year, or partial school year, of support, there is a minimum 2-year service commitment.

Know What an NHSC Scholarship Includes:

Tax-free payment is made (for up to four years) for the following eligible expenses:

  • Tuition
  • Required fees
  • Other reasonable educational costs

Scholarship recipients also receive a monthly living stipend that is taxable.

The NHSC provides support to scholars while in school and offers tools and resources after graduation, during training, and while in practice.

Transitioning to Practice

Scholars choose where they will serve from a list of hundreds of NHSC-approved sites in high-need urban, rural, and frontier communities across the nation. The NHSC provides dedicated staff to assist scholars in successfully finding a practice site in the state of their choosing. Learn more about the types of NHSC-approved sites.

In the months leading up to graduation and training, the NHSC provides scholars with information and materials they need to find a practice site. This includes connecting Scholars to a list of sites with job openings and supporting travel to and from interviews (there is a limit on the number of supported interviews). 

In Service

Once scholars are working in at an NHSC-approved site, the NHSC continues to support Corps members by offering:

  • networking opportunities
  • educational support, including access to free CEUs
  • connections to community resources, and much more