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Clinical Trial

The Effects of KT-Tape on Running Economy and Muscle Activation.

Athletic tape use is widespread across all sports and it is common for athletes to utilize this tape during competition. As technology advances, so does the material and purpose of athletic tape. In recent years, a new stretchable tape has hit the market called KT tape. This tape is said to assist muscle contraction while stabilizing a particular joint. With the stretch available, it is unclear if the use of this tape has any performance advantages when compared to traditional tape. This research aims to answer this question. We are seeking healthy runners to volunteer for a study of energy use during running. The purpose of this study is to measure if different athletic taping techniques have an effect on energy use during running. Subjects in this study will run at a self-selected modest pace for about 30 minutes per session on a treadmill. Testing will take about ninety minutes per session. Only one study collection session is required to complete this study. At the conclusion of data collection, the researchers will assess if taping technique affects oxygen consumption, heart rate, muscle activity, or force production during running. The study will be conducted at the Forest Hills Campus.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inclusion criteria: -Be 18 years or older -Be Healthy enough to exercise -Be free of running injury for at least 6 months. Exclusion cirteria: -Have a recent injury that interferes with running -Have a pacemaker

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    Andrew Craig-Jones

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