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Clinical Trial

Hydration and core temperature during Fire Recruit School

The primary purpose of this study is to observe and analyze the hydration status of fire recruits during a 12-week Fire Recruit School to determine if they are maintaining proper hydration throughout this intense training period. We hypothesize that hydration levels may not be adequate once they start training in full Protective Equipment and during simulated structural fires, as it requires a greater level of hydration for maintenance. The secondary purpose is to observe and analyze body core temperatures during simulated structural fires and compare those to same day hydration status. We hypothesize that lower hydration levels will be associated with greater body core temperatures during the simulated structural fire. Hydration status paired with live core temperature measuring will allow for safer determinations of when to pull a firefighter out of a structural fire before they have a heat illness and possible cardiovascular issues.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inclusion: Recruit for Columbia County Fire Department going through their 12-week Fire Recruit School or Columbia County Fire Department recruit trainer firefighter Exclusion criteria for the telemetric core temperature pill measure only (they may participate in the other parts of the study): body weight below 36.5 kg (80.5 lb), obstructive gastro-intestinal disease, history of gastrointestinal surgery, an implanted medical device, currently pregnant, have a swallowing disorder, and/or a scheduled MRI scan during the experimental period.

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    A. Maleah Winkler

    (706) 513-9861