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The Utility of a Novel Eye Shield with Reusable Adhesive Anchors for Post-operative Care after Ophthalmic Surgery

This study aims to test a novel postoperative eye shield Snaps Eye Shield after cataract surgery. Patients wear a protective shield for 24-48 hours continuously, and while sleeping for 2 weeks, after surgery. Current shields utilize tape to attach to the patients' face and cover the eye, which inherently is inefficient, uncomfortable, and often leads to shields falling off. The new eye shield utilizes two anchors to the forehead and cheek bone respectively that snap onto the shield for improved comfort and security. The study will be a crossover design where 20 patients will receive the novel shield after surgery on one eye, and will receive tape and current eye shields when getting surgery on the other eye. Data collection will occur after the patient has been able to use both shields and can therefore compare the two experiences. Data will come from a short quantitative survey comparing the two shields in multiple categories as well as two qualitative questions to get feedback on the new shield. We hypothesize that the new shield will be preferred to the old shield due to its comfort, ease of use, and perceived protection.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Inclusion: Male or Female cataract surgery patients of 18 years or older, with surgical plans for cataract extraction via phacoemulsification and intraocular lens placement. Patient must be having plans to have both eye cataracts removed surgically in succession within 3 months of eachother, allowing for adequate crossover for each patient. Exclusion: Patients receiving more advanced intraocular surgery even if that surgery includes cataract removal and intraocular lens placement. This would include trabeculectomy, microinvasive glaucoma surgery, vitrectomy, or any other ophthalmic procedure. Any patient who is pregnany will also be excluded.

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    Daniel A Farrell MD

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   1109 River Ridge Rd. Augusta, GA 30909